Monday, March 13, 2017

Whole Life Challenge Week Seven

I'm determined to get back on the wagon with this challenge.

Day 43 Saturday - not getting on the wagon very well, I went to a fundraiser and had a mini cupcake and soda. Did a 13 mile run and my stretching and my plank challenge. So that's better than nothing. It's amazing how quickly the sugar cravings come back when you eat some. I wonder how long I would have to cut out sugar to really no longer crave it or even think about it. Or be able to have a little and it not turn into a huge backslide.
Day 44 Sunday - Tried making a new 'compliant' cookie that didn't turn out too well, though I think I know where I went wrong. I made flank steak in the crockpot and then pulled it for tostadas. I toasted corn flour tortillas in the oven and they were pretty good - a little chewy. My son refuses to eat anything that isn't one of four foods even though we showed him how fun it was to make a tostada and heap a bunch of stuff on it. Oh well, his loss. No exercise or stretching though.
Day 45 Monday - We had an event at work and had a bunch of cookies left over. I ate four of them 😩 but also 😋. Had black bean soup I made in the crockpot which was good and compliant. Didn't run or stretch. Trying to find the motivation to get back on the wagon. I did do my stretching and planks before bed, so there's that.
Day 46 Tuesday - I believe I found the motivation - I have gained two pounds (I know the horror!). It's probably just water weight, but I was enjoying seeing the scale be under 120. I also totally realize that I am at a healthy weight and muscle weighs more than fat and I don't need to lose weight. But it's hard not to believe that cake and pizza and cookies didn't decide to just deposit itself right on my hips.
Day 47 Wednesday - Ran a good 6 miles today, up and over Cricket hill twice. Had a filling breakfast which I am hoping gets me to lunch and beyond. Trying to have a vegetable with every meal so I had an egg with spinach and avocado - not too bad.
Day 48 Thursday - The good - I ate compliantly and talked a friend into doing the challenge as well. The bad - I did not exercise, drink enough water, stretch or write in my journal (this week's 'lifestyle' practice). I don't know why it is so much easier to just sit on the couch. Maybe it's because first I had to come home and make dinner for the kid and myself and then figure out if we needed to finish his school project for Friday or for next Monday (next Monday - whew). And after all that and a day of working, I just want to veg out. So instead of doing 10 min of exercise and 10 min of stretch, I did half an hour of sitting on the couch next to my son watching Flip or Flop.
Day 49 Friday - Didn't get up to run because I was just too tired and when I looked at the temperature and it said 29 I thought - nope.

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