Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Whole Life Challenge Week Five and Six

short note: I'm catching up on my documentation of the WLC. I wrote a lot of this as I went along and then didn't and so had to catch up. So that's why this is several days behind.

Day 29 - Saturday - So it's the day after my birthday. I have saved up all my indulgence points so I can eat all the food. I start out the day with a 15 mile run. I'm no longer feeling sluggish during my runs, which is nice. Once I get home it's running around all afternoon cleaning to prepare for the housewarming/birthday party we're having that night. I did do some snacking, but generally I didn't actually deviate from compliant food until the party where I proceeded to have cake and mini corn dogs and wine and other things. The cake was super sweet and I ended up eating only one small piece even though I totally thought I would end up eating half the cake. So while I enjoyed my small break from the challenge I really didn't go hog wild like I thought I would.
Day 30 - Sunday - Feeling VERY tired after yesterday. I don't know if it was the 15-mile run, running around after the run before the party or the crap food I ate or a combination of all three. But it is beautiful outside so I went out, had a pedicure with a good friend and then walked over to Lincoln Square with the boys, stopping by the library on the way home. My back was hurting a little when I got home so I did some stretching! Good for me right. Of course I forgot to put my points into the system in time so I lost all the points for the day.
Day 31 - Monday - Yeah President's Day (excluding the current one) and yeah for four-day weekends! Again, fairly tired. But went out to the park and got some good exercise with the kid, a friend and her kids. Ate well and got enough water. Of course I managed to not stretch again today. I was lying on the couch watching John Oliver thinking I could just get on the floor and stretch and get those points, but it was easier to just lie on the couch. Gotta work on that.
Day 32 - Tuesday - Back to work means more structure around my meals which is a good thing. Had an egg and banana for breakfast and salad with leftover steak for lunch along with fruit and yogurt and nuts. I think breakfast and lunch will be easy for me to continue past the challenge - dinner, not so much.
Day 33 - Wednesday - Flew down to Oklahoma for my grandmother's funeral. Traveling means things kinda get thrown out of whack. I got a latte at the airport because I always get coffee once I go through security. It's my treat for dealing with TSA. When my sister and I landed in Oklahoma we stopped at Slim Chicken's for lunch. I had a salad with grilled chicken. It was pretty good and compliant. But then we had desserts that come in mason jars because. I ate about half of it then and then saved the rest for later. That night for dinner we went to a place that actually had a 'dieter's plate' which was a burger on a plate, no bun, and veggies for sides. So at least I was good there. Did manage to get a five mile run on the treadmill at the hotel as well.
Day 34 - Thursday - Had planned on getting up early and running a few miles before the funeral, but slept in instead. Went and got coffee and then went to the funeral. The thing about funerals at a church is the church ladies want to feed the family. I kept mostly compliant, eating salad and ham, but then I couldn't pass up the homemade brownies.
Day 35 - Friday - Since I didn't get back home until later on Thursday night, our flight being delayed an hour didn't help, I didn't get up and run on Friday morning. Friday night had pasta for dinner for the first time since being on the challenge. I passed the garlic bread though.
Day 36 - Saturday - Long run 13 miles. Felt pretty good but after several days of warm weather, winter decided to come back. After my run and stretching, we headed to Windy City Ninjas and I watched my son train to be a Ninja Warrior.
Day 37 - Sunday - Pretty much just hung out on the couch and knit and watched TV with my son all day. I did make some "cookies" that weren't really cookies - but they were good and compliant.
Day 38 - Monday - Didn't get up and run and had just an OK day.
Day 39 - Tuesday - Found out I got a raise today. Treated myself with a latte. Why do we treat ourselves with food? It was partially a treat to just get out of the office as well. To take a break.
Day 40 - Wednesday - Had book club after work. Dinner at book club is usually pizza and salad. I could have had just salad. Or planned better and brought something. No one would have cared. But I just ate the pizza instead. First time I've had pizza since the challenge begun. Tasted pretty good. Started a 30 day plank challenge today.
Day 41 - Thursday - Didn't do my planks today - can't even go one day!
Day 42 - Friday - Got up and ran 4 miles. The pace for the shorter runs has started to pick up, which is nice. I don't mind going slower, but it's also nice I can do a 9:30 for four miles if I want. I had a big bowl of oatmeal with some nuts and fruit in it for breakfast, but the rest of the day I just felt hungry. Or I just wanted to eat things. I had my salad with fruit and nuts for lunch. But I also went out and got a bowl of soup. It's been cold lately and I wanted something warm for lunch. By the time I got home I was in a 'screw it' kinda mood regarding this challenge, so I ate two cookies. I then went over to my sister's house and had pizza and birthday cake in celebration of my niece. So yeah, the nutrition went down the drain today.

Overall thoughts on this challenge - it gets tedious after the first five weeks and life starts to get in the way. I've liked that I've felt good and lost a couple of pounds and noticed that my pants are a bit looser, but I've not really embraced all of the different parts of the challenge. Only a couple more weeks left of this insanity.


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