Monday, February 6, 2017

Whole Life Challenge - Week two

Day 8 - Saturday: Ran the Icebreaker Half Marathon Relay let myself have a latte on the way up to Milwaukee. Didn't count the snacks I ate during the race since you need energy yo.
Day 9 - Sunday: Did nothing but sit around. Didn't drink enough water. Ate compliantly but didn't stretch so didn't get full day points. Oh well. Pretty tired after the race.
Day 10 - Monday:We closed on our house today so I worked from home in the morning. Tried one of the weirdo recipes that i found on the whole life food blog. I totally thought it would be awful, but it was actually kinda good - an egg and banana mixed in a cup and cooked in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Sounds totally gross - totally not. To celebrate closing we went to the Daily Bar and Grill (yeah, we live the high life). I searched for compliant food and ended up eating steak tacos on corn tortillas. Pretty good. Looking at a menu of food I can't (not supposed to - I guess technically I could) eat isn't a lot of fun.
Day 11 - Tuesday: Didn't have that great of a day - at least not whole life challenge wise. Nutrition I was OK, but didn't manage to exercise or stretch. I had a 'rest' day for exercise so I didn't lose any points for that though. I also didn't drink enough water.
Day 12 - Wednesday: Got all my points  - woke up and ran 4 miles with the girls, ate a good breakfast, stretched i even wrote for a little bit before I went to work (which has nothing to do with this challenge but still made me feel good). I have a sneaking suspicion I am doing something wrong. Like I feel like I should be much hungrier, or craving more sugar or bread or pasta or cheese or something. I mean sometimes it's annoying that I open the refrigerator and i see the baby cheese and I want one but then have something else or more likely just close the fridge. I just don't miss it as much as I thought I would. You know what I do miss - milk and half/half. I've basically given up coffee because I can't drink black coffee. I tried a coconut milk latte from Starbucks and it's just not the same. Why pay extra money for something that doesn't taste as good as the real one?
Day 13 - Thursday: So i'm probably eating too much fruit than I should. technically it says in moderation. i mean i'm not eating fruit non-stop but so far today I've had a banana, applesauce (homemade no sugar!) blackberries and raisins. While good, still higher in carbs than what the 'ideal' is. Maybe i'll try to cut back on my fruit intake a bit and see if anything changes. Totally didn't feel like making dinner so we ordered Chinese. Tried to find something that stayed within the guidelines but i'm sure there's stuff in there that isn't 'compliant'.
Day 14 - Friday: Got up and ran but didn't stretch afterwards. I don't know why stretching for 10 minutes some days is so hard. Had a small box of chocolates on my desk that I get every year from a vendor at Valentine's. I just shoved them in my drawer and went about my business. I'm sure they'll taste good when this is all over. Made a chicken dinner that someone from our group suggested. Pretty simple, but tasty. I wish I had more time to cook. I do enjoy it, it's just time consuming.

The only thing new this week other than really being surprised I wasn't having more cravings is that I am having more gas. I'm sorry, but what can I say. It is what it is. I've added a probiotic to my morning to help ease digestion. Apparently I am not the only one because when I asked this question on the team board I had several people chime in that they too were feeling the same and they were glad I asked.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling health wise yet. I don't feel as tired in the afternoon. But I'm waiting to decide whether that's the placebo effect or not. I do feel back to normal when working out - so I got over that hump. Otherwise it just seems like right now, at least food wise, there are a bunch of things I'm not eating and I'm either eating vegetables or fruit or making my food. None of those things are bad things. I still miss coffee with cream.


Pete B said...

Congrats on the new house. I love cream in my coffee. Sorry to hear you can't have any (at least for the moment)!

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You are going at a good pace with these and I think that you will get along with it well. I am also thinking about giving a similar challenge to myself for a change.

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