Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Whole Life Challenge Week Four

NOW it's been four weeks.

Day 22 - Saturday - Ran 13 miles in the morning. Have to tell you I enjoyed the chocolate gu. It was my first time as a group leader - even though my group consisted of one other person. But it was nice to have someone to run with. Did my stretching and meditation - even though this week's lifestyle challenge is not eating with electronics - as in no reading your phone while you're eating. This one will be fine for me when I'm at home, but at work is going to be a challenge since I usually work while I eat or I look at Facebook or something. Made chili for my block's chili cook off tomorrow. I'm determined to win this year.
Day 23 - Sunday - Didn't win the chili cook off, but did have fun eating compliant chili. Wished I could of had some of the ice cream for dessert, but oh well. Walked to the park to enjoy the warmer weather - even though it was really windy. Spent a lot of the day making cookies for a work bake sale. Didn't eat one cookie (OK tasted a tiny bit to make sure they taste OK before I sell them to people). The cookies look really pretty, which makes it a little better not to have one of the finished products.
Day 24 - Monday - I managed to not eat one thing from the bake sale today which I take as a testament to my will power because there were some really yummy foods. Read a book during lunch while not paying attention to my computer. Even though I was sitting at my desk, it was nice to 'unplug' for a few minutes.
Day 25 - Tuesday - We got a free indulgence point since it's Valentine's Day and I didn't even use it. I was actually a bit scared to. Like I thought what if I go crazy because I eat sugar!
Day 26 - Wednesday - Used that free indulgence point to eat one of my cookies. I don't know why I didn't win the bake sale they were delicious and very pretty. I'm 0 for 2 on cooking contests. Maybe I should have made some compliant cookies and seen how those went over ;)
Day 27 - Thursday - I'm having a difficult time with the stretching every day. I don't know what it is. I exercise, even if it's just going for a walk, but I can't seem to make myself stretch.
Day 28 - Friday - Today is my birthday. I have the day off, but I'm saving up all my indulgence points for tomorrow. Ran 4 miles in the morning. Did a bunch of shopping in prep for the party. Had an almond milk latte in the afternoon. All in all a pretty good day.

I'll be honest, this challenge is getting a little tedious. Again, I'm not really bothered by the nutrition part. Sometimes I wish I could eat whatever I want, but I like knowing that I actually have the ability to cut out foods that aren't as healthy. I look forward to having a regular latte, but having a dessert only every once in a while doesn't sound like I'm depriving myself of anything.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Whole Life Challenge: Week Three

First off, I thought I had already completed four weeks not just three. So apparently this is dragging out a little. I won't lie, this last week wasn't great.

This shows the daily score of the challenge. Look how good I was the
first week. Not doing so great later on.

Day 15 - Saturday - I don't know why this thing starts on a Saturday. It always confuses me. But whatever. I missed stretching despite the fact that I ran so should have stretched afterwards and I didn't do my lifestyle goal of meditating. Since I have been trying to meditate even before this challenge, you would think I would see this as an opportunity to really focus on it and make it the habit I would like it to become. But nope, still just has hard to find 10 minutes to sit by myself. Went to brunch with the girls after running and had a almond milk latte and some bacon and eggs. Not a bad way to start the weekend.
Day 16 - Sunday - Not a bad day. Went for a walk to get exercise and did some mild stretching. Somehow didn't manage to get enough water. Had chili for dinner.
Day 17 - Monday - I missed stretching, water and meditating today. Oh, I also didn't run, but didn't lose points for that because I had a gimme day.
Day 18 - Tuesday - No exercise again, but did 10 minutes of yoga right after getting out of bed. Another day with no meditation.Went to Kopi for knitting and had the nachos without cheese (are they still nachos without cheese) or sour cream but did get some guacamole.
Day 19 - Wednesday - Determined to get back into the swing of things. I hate seeing my chart not filled up with 5s. Did do some meditation despite the fact that my son was yelling for me and/or his dad the entire 10 minutes.
Day 20 - Thursday - Well my resolve lasted all of one day. Nutrition was fine, but I didn't exercise, I didn't stretch and I didn't drink enough water. There was nothing stopping me from doing any of these things, I was just not motivated enough to actually do them. Plus I feel like I think about food all the time. When I can eat next. What I'm going to eat. What I can't eat. This has definitely made me aware of what's going into my mouth.
Day 21 - Friday - I got up and ran today and so stretched and drank enough water and ate well - basically I did all the things I'm supposed to do for this challenge - so you know, that's good. I don't think I actually got enough sleep but I had another gimme so it didn't count against me. Put my headphones in to listen to my meditation app when I got into bed. I don't think I technically finished the full 10 minutes, but something was better than nothing.

So another long week of being aware of what I'm eating and trying to stretch and exercise everyday, plus drink enough water. You really think the hardest part would be the food. Which is it for some people. I have gotten into a pretty good routine for breakfast and lunch. I have been eating an egg in a cup with a banana or some spinach a few days a week or making smoothies. For lunch it's salad with carrots and tomatoes some nuts, maybe some raisins and some yogurt with fruit. Dinner is harder because with two other people in your house that aren't doing this, you have to work around what they are going to eat as well. Plus the short one half the time doesn't want to eat what we're eating anyway, so it's possible we have three different meals going. Sometimes we have the same dish, or I modify what they are having to fit the guidelines. Like the other day we had burritos with re-fried beans. The meat and the beans are OK, but not the tortilla. So I made a salad with some corn chips with meat, beans and salsa. It was pretty good. And honestly I don't really need to eat that tortilla anyway - and since burrito night is common in our house - I may now just be having taco salads for those nights. Sometimes I'm having something entirely different. On Friday nights we usually have pasta because we do our long runs on Saturday morning. This last Friday I had spaghetti squash with butter. I would have put pasta sauce on it but their was sugar in the jarred variety and I didn't make my own. So while this challenge will change my eating habits in some ways, I'll probably go back to pasta and garlic bread on Friday nights once this is over.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Whole Life Challenge - Week two

Day 8 - Saturday: Ran the Icebreaker Half Marathon Relay let myself have a latte on the way up to Milwaukee. Didn't count the snacks I ate during the race since you need energy yo.
Day 9 - Sunday: Did nothing but sit around. Didn't drink enough water. Ate compliantly but didn't stretch so didn't get full day points. Oh well. Pretty tired after the race.
Day 10 - Monday:We closed on our house today so I worked from home in the morning. Tried one of the weirdo recipes that i found on the whole life food blog. I totally thought it would be awful, but it was actually kinda good - an egg and banana mixed in a cup and cooked in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Sounds totally gross - totally not. To celebrate closing we went to the Daily Bar and Grill (yeah, we live the high life). I searched for compliant food and ended up eating steak tacos on corn tortillas. Pretty good. Looking at a menu of food I can't (not supposed to - I guess technically I could) eat isn't a lot of fun.
Day 11 - Tuesday: Didn't have that great of a day - at least not whole life challenge wise. Nutrition I was OK, but didn't manage to exercise or stretch. I had a 'rest' day for exercise so I didn't lose any points for that though. I also didn't drink enough water.
Day 12 - Wednesday: Got all my points  - woke up and ran 4 miles with the girls, ate a good breakfast, stretched i even wrote for a little bit before I went to work (which has nothing to do with this challenge but still made me feel good). I have a sneaking suspicion I am doing something wrong. Like I feel like I should be much hungrier, or craving more sugar or bread or pasta or cheese or something. I mean sometimes it's annoying that I open the refrigerator and i see the baby cheese and I want one but then have something else or more likely just close the fridge. I just don't miss it as much as I thought I would. You know what I do miss - milk and half/half. I've basically given up coffee because I can't drink black coffee. I tried a coconut milk latte from Starbucks and it's just not the same. Why pay extra money for something that doesn't taste as good as the real one?
Day 13 - Thursday: So i'm probably eating too much fruit than I should. technically it says in moderation. i mean i'm not eating fruit non-stop but so far today I've had a banana, applesauce (homemade no sugar!) blackberries and raisins. While good, still higher in carbs than what the 'ideal' is. Maybe i'll try to cut back on my fruit intake a bit and see if anything changes. Totally didn't feel like making dinner so we ordered Chinese. Tried to find something that stayed within the guidelines but i'm sure there's stuff in there that isn't 'compliant'.
Day 14 - Friday: Got up and ran but didn't stretch afterwards. I don't know why stretching for 10 minutes some days is so hard. Had a small box of chocolates on my desk that I get every year from a vendor at Valentine's. I just shoved them in my drawer and went about my business. I'm sure they'll taste good when this is all over. Made a chicken dinner that someone from our group suggested. Pretty simple, but tasty. I wish I had more time to cook. I do enjoy it, it's just time consuming.

The only thing new this week other than really being surprised I wasn't having more cravings is that I am having more gas. I'm sorry, but what can I say. It is what it is. I've added a probiotic to my morning to help ease digestion. Apparently I am not the only one because when I asked this question on the team board I had several people chime in that they too were feeling the same and they were glad I asked.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling health wise yet. I don't feel as tired in the afternoon. But I'm waiting to decide whether that's the placebo effect or not. I do feel back to normal when working out - so I got over that hump. Otherwise it just seems like right now, at least food wise, there are a bunch of things I'm not eating and I'm either eating vegetables or fruit or making my food. None of those things are bad things. I still miss coffee with cream.

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