Monday, January 30, 2017

Whole Life Challenge - Week One

Day 1 - Saturday long run day, stretched and rolled after. breakfast was eggs - miss coffee with cream. made 'muffins' with coconut flour, coconut oil and blueberries. VERY dry. End up crumbling into my yogurt cause I hate for food to go to waste.
Day 2 - Made chili which is a normal Sunday night meal especially during winter/football season. realized i wasn't going to be able to have crackers, or cheese, or sour cream on my chili - booo
Day 3 - starting to feel a little weird, sluggish, went for a run and felt like we were going really fast - but then looked at my watch and realized we were going fast(er than we normally run). at least i was tired for a good reason and not because my body hasn't gotten used to not having carbs as a ready fuel source.
Day 4 - my body has not gotten used to having carbs as a ready fuel source. really wanted coffee so had a soy latte thinking soy milk was compliant, it's not, oh well, i had one 'indulgent' point. went to knitting which is at Kopi which is a vegetarian restaurant, which means no meat. they do have tuna, and i was feeling like I needed some protein. so i had a salad with a hard boiled egg and tuna. realized the tuna probably had mayo which i assume isn't compliant. there goes another point. first day not getting full points on nutrition.
Day 5 - starting to get the hang of this. tried the butter, coconut oil in my coffee thing and wasn't bowled over. didn't use the grass-fed butter like people recommend. is Kerrygold going to make that much of a difference? worked from home so had a weird lunch of walnuts, almonds and raisins. dinner was plain chicken breasts and salad. i'm eating a lot of lettuce these days which is good because usually i buy a bag of lettuce thinking i'm going to have salad every day for lunch, and then I don't and it goes bad and then I feel bad and I give it to the worms in the basement (I have compost worms, not just random worms, in my basement).
Day 6 - breakfast - yogurt and fruit. lunch, leftover chicken and salad, four mandarin oranges. dinner turkey tacos. first day i was actually hungry. i came home hungry and then hubby said we had to do our exercises before he made dinner. WHAT?! realized again that while I was eating a 'normalish' dinner, i wouldn't be able to put cheese and sour cream on my tacos. cut up an avocado and red pepper and put that on there. was pretty good alternative to my salsa from trader joe's that has lots of good stuff in it (beans, corn, tomatoes) but also has SUGAR because of course it does.
Day 7 - am i ever going to stop thinking about food?

So clearly all of my energy is focused on the nutrition portion of these 7 habits. However, there are other habits I am tracking and accomplishing. I have managed to workout at least 10 minutes as well as do 10 minutes of mobility each day. Sleep never is really an issue for me. If anything, it is making myself get out of bed that's the problem. The only day I didn't get at least 8 hours was Monday when I woke at 4:30 a.m. to run. Hydration has been something that I do need to work on and, except for yesterday when I was chugging down 20 ounces of water right before I went to bed, I managed to get my full 41 ounces before the end of the day.

The last two, Lifestyle and Reflection are usually the last things I do before going to bed. My Lifestyle goal this last week was to write down, each day, three goals, one long term, one medium term and one short term. My short term goal was to write a blog post. I've done that. My medium term goal was to be able to do a pull up. I don't really know why I put this as a goal because I don't really care if I can do a pull up. But everyone around me assures me that I will be a better person if I can do at least one, unassisted pull up (not really, no one else really cares either). I only worked on this goal once this last week, so that probably either needs to be more of an immediate goal, or I need to give up on the idea that my upper arms and back will ever manage to pull the weight of my body up several inches. I guess if I get stuck hanging off the edge of a cliff i'm just going to fall because lord knows I won't be able to pull myself up back over the edge. That's the only real reason I can see for being able to do a pull up. If there are others, let me know.

Speaking of weight (which I did about three or four sentences back), I have actually lost a few pounds and I can see the definition in my stomach a little bit. But I also know that the weight loss is mostly water. I didn't really do this to lose weight but to cut out some bad habits in my diet (sugar). But I won't lie, seeing the scale go down a few pounds has been a nice side effect.

My thoughts on this week are:
- I thought I would miss bread more
- I thought I would miss cheese more
- I miss ice cream

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