Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cozy Cups

Yesterday I went to pick up my son from Pump It Up - which by the way is located in the most inconvenient place in the world, Halstead and North and Clybourn (that's him making it almost all the way to the top of the climbing wall). After battling my way through the traffic and finding a spot to park and then figuring out what room him and his friends his class were in, I chatted for a few minutes with some of the moms and was asked if I would like to join them for pizza. I declined because Tuesdays is my knitting night and just to make sure they know that I don't think of myself as a cool hip person who knits, I added a self deprecating remark - because I'm old. 

Now of course, lots of people knit and not in that cool ironic hipster way, but because they like to knit. I've thought about giving it up, not because I don't enjoy it, but because I don't do a whole lot of it and it takes time and I always seem to never have enough time to do the things I want to do so why add another item? To top it off, it's not like I usually knit for myself. I usually knit for other people - such as recently I knit my running crew cup cozies. I needed wanted to get them done to give for Christmas gifts, and while they don't take that long individually, I needed to do nine. And so therein lies the problem. My hobby that's supposed to be relaxing has become a chore - one that I enjoy, so less of a chore - but something that needed to get done. 

Cups all cozy.
To recap, I like to knit, but feel the need to make sure people know that I know it's a 'stupid' hobby, and it sometimes becomes a chore when I put pressure on myself to finish things. I have thought of giving up knitting all together. I could get rid of my yarn and needles, and the ball winder and all the other bits and bobs that comes along when you've been knitting for a while and spend more time reading, or writing, or exercising, or cooking or one of the other things I like to do but feel like I never have enough time to do because I'm doing all the other things that have to get done. But you know I wouldn't. It wouldn't matter because there's always dishes to be washed, and floors to be mopped (mine for example have needed to be mopped for the last several weeks, instead I just keep telling myself I will mop them tomorrow and never get around to doing it). 

But...but, I did actually enjoy making them. And I got cups to put them around and then I put cookies that S. and I baked inside the cups. And unless all my friends are lying to me, they liked them. And that's why  I knit, and bake Christmas cookies - because it means spending time with my family and doing something for someone else, even if it is just a cup cozy. Plus, if I quit, I wouldn't have a reason to go knitting on Tuesday nights and I'd miss my knitting friends.

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