Saturday, September 3, 2016

My little earthquake

This morning I felt the earthquake. Did you know there was an earthquake this morning? There was. It was in Pawnee, Oklahoma, which is north of Oklahoma City. It happened a few minutes after 7 a.m. I felt my bed shake, and I thought it was a truck, but then the bed didn't stop shaking, and I didn’t hear the rumbling of a truck. Then it did stop, and I didn't really think anything else about it, until I got on to Facebook a minute or two later and there was my aunt who lives just outside Oklahoma City saying that she was just woken up by an earthquake, and I thought ‘woah, seriously, did I actually feel that?’ 

I kept waiting for people to start reporting that they felt it in Chicago, but no, no one was doing that, and so I made a joke on my aunt’s post about how I either felt the earthquake in Chicago or I am so in tune with my family in Oklahoma I feel it when they are shaking. 

I didn’t really think that I had just imagined it and it was pretty coincidental for me to feel shaking at pretty much the same time that there is an earthquake in Oklahoma, and so I searched for other people saying they felt it in Chicago. Did you know there are website that you can go to that lists out all the earthquakes (over 1.5) all over the world? I mean, of course there is. And so yes, the Pawnee earthquake showed up, right about the time I felt it, but I already knew that. Then reports started coming in that people felt it in North Dakota, which is pretty far north, but also much further west than Chicago. And my friends on Facebook began to question if I really felt it, asking if maybe it wasn't a garbage truck or perhaps a disturbance in the force (both viable options). 

By this point it was after 8 and I needed coffee. So I bribed the child with a donut and got him out to Starbucks. I wanted to ask everyone I passed on the street “did you feel the earthquake?” When I went into Starbucks I was a little let down that one of the usual Saturday morning baristas wasn't there because I could have asked him, he at least kinda knows me. Anyone else would probably just think I was a weirdo - I am a weirdo, but still. I saw a neighbor - but we’re waving neighbors, not cross the street to say hi neighbors - and plus he had his headphones in, so I didn’t ask him.
Oddly, my sister is in San Francisco. So while there’s a good chance she will feel an earthquake, she wouldn’t have felt this one. My husband is out running along with a good portion of my friends, so I have few people to ask if they too felt it. Returning home, my downstairs neighbor was in the yard and I asked her if she felt it. Nope, she was up, but didn’t feel anything. 

Maybe it was a truck, or I was asleep and I dreamt it. How could I be the only person in Chicago to have felt that? But finally, finally, there were reports of other people in Chicago saying they felt it. And maybe we all felt the same garbage truck, but at least I know I wasn't imagining things. 

It’s a funny thing to be waiting for someone else to confirm that no you are not crazy and yes we believe you. It was like it didn’t happen if I couldn’t share the experience with anyone else. Of course, if literally no one else in Chicago said they felt it, then I probably didn’t feel the earthquake and it was a silent slow, but shaky truck. But others did feel it. No one I know, which is kinda disappointing for some reason. I want that sense of a shared experience of knowing that we both went through the same thing. And unfortunately (though of course, very fortunately for me), the experience my family members went through isn’t the same. Because mine is much less exciting and traumatic - though thankfully all of my family is okay. My aunt and cousins and other family in Oklahoma, they know they went through an earthquake. They had no doubts. My little bed-shake was probably what Regan first experienced when she was initially possessed. A minor shake, a truck going by, nothing to worry about. Certainly not a demon possessing my soul - and definitely not an earthquake.

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Julie from Michigan City said...

I felt it. I live in Michigan City, Indiana on the lake. I can see Chicago from my view. I was laying in bed reading, and the bed started shaking. A little after 7 am. Went down to lobby in my robe until i found an article on my iphone stating where the epicenter was. 100% sure it was an earthquake tremble.

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