Monday, April 25, 2016

Ravenswood 5k

I do love this run. It's my neighborhood run. I love living in a neighborhood that has a run. It's so much fun to just walk to the start line, see my neighbors and other running friends, take a jog around the hood and then watch my son in the kid's dash before heading back home for breakfast and a Prince dance party.*

For the first time, since I've been doing the run at least, Ravenswood had a t-shirt rather than a technical tee. Now that t-shirts have become these ultra soft, fitted pieces of clothes, I find myself wearing them a whole lot more. There was a time when i think I had two t-shirts in my drawer. Now I have so many I have two piles - plain ones and ones with stuff on the front of them. I regularly make decisions about what shirt I want to wear. Is it a Monkees kind of day or is it a CARA Six Series kind of day? Do I want a plain shirt because maybe I want to look a little nicer or is it after work and I'm just changing into something more comfortable that I may or may not end up sleeping in? This is why it's not a good idea to have too many t-shirts; you have to make decisions. And now I have another one to add to the rotation. Good thing it's cute.

Packet pick up was easy as always and I liked the inclusion of our names on the bibs. My son was also happy that he had a much higher number on his bib than either of his parents. These things are important to a 5 year old.

The morning of the race we walked over with my mom, who would be watching S while we ran, and my sister, who would also be running with her daughter, and headed to the CARA tent. On the way there I did a few warm up blocks and realized that my left hamstring was still sore from the Saturday 12 mile long run with the half marathon training group even though I am not actually training for a half marathon. Sore enough that I made sure to roll it out and ice it when I got home on Saturday, which helped, but apparently didn't solve the problem.

Staci, me, CJ - Photo courtesy of Staci.
Once at the tent I met up with Staci, my sister's daughter showed up, I said hi to a bunch of people and then we headed over to the start. We were able to find CJ close to the 9 min mile marker and so snapped a few pre-race selfies. I knew Sara was around, but due to logistics, we missed each other, so for the first time in several years, we didn't run this race together.

I looked at my splits from this race last year, and my first mile was 9:30ish, mostly due probably to having to weave through people at the start. I also looked at my 5k PR which was not from Ravenswood but from last year's Good Life 5k. I ran that race in 27:44 last year. So if I wanted to PR, I would need to keep my splits under 8:56. Staci and I were both noncommittal on how fast we were going to run, but I think we were both pretty much on board with an 8:50ish pace.

We spent minimal time weaving at the beginning, and we got into a rhythm fairly soon. We weren't chatting too much, but we were on the lookout for the Mayor since he lives along the race route. Apparently he ran the race (supposedly, there doesn't seem to be any record of him in the results) so he wasn't on his usual corner or Berteau and Ravenswood waving. Though my leg was hurting a bit, I was OK with it for the time being. First mile: 8:49.

When I looked at the first mile split, I thought, woah, I feel like I'm going too fast, which might be because we sped up a bit after that. The first quarter of mile 2, we were doing about 8:30. But then I started to slow down, and by 1.5 had gone back down to a 8:50. I walked through the water stop (which had Nuun instead of Gatorade, an interesting choice, and apparently the hydration of choice for all Fleet Feet/RAM races going forward) and with Staci gone, I decided that my leg had had enough. Second mile: 9:26.

Now I had never fully mentally committed to PRing in this race. But every race is a chance to PR - or at least try, otherwise I wouldn't push myself at all. And there is part of me that thinks maybe I could have run through the pain since it actually hurt more the slower I went. But once I made the decision to slow down, there really wasn't anything to make me speed back up. Mile three: 9:43. Final time: 29:08; 60/222 age group; 438/1647 gender; 1200/2984. Well off my 5k PR, but over my finishing in the top half of my age group and gender general goal.

My leg was pretty sore the rest of the day, but seeing S win his 50 yard dash took my mind off of it. He was super happy and kept telling everyone how he won his race. Also, Mr. H. did PR, and my sister beat her daughter (in the race, which isn't always a given when you're running against an 11 year old) so all in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. Now for a few rest days to see if I can work out my hamstring and not let it derail my marathon training.

*Prince dance party not an annual tradition, but may become one from now on.

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Pete B said...

Congrats on the finish, hope your leg feels better. It was a beautiful day for a race!

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