Monday, March 21, 2016

Live Grit Lakefront 10 Miler

Saturday morning was a fine morning for a run up Cricket Hill, twice. At least that's what we told ourselves. This is my second year running this race and it was as much fun, if not more, than last year. But, this year's race was different in a couple of ways:
  1. As mentioned, we ran up Cricket Hill not once but twice - once at the beginning and once at the end. 
  2. Last year I ran the race while training for the Wisconsin Half Marathon. And my pace of just under a 10 min mile was right where I wanted to be (even if that didn't pan out during my half, but that's another story). This year I'm not really 'training' for anything. I might run the Cleveland Half Marathon. I didn't really have a goal pace, just to go out and run.
  3. Last year I ran with a friend from marathon training. This year I ran with multiple friends from marathon training.
  4. One of the said friends had just had a birthday, and we made a sign and posted it along the course. We missed it on the way out, but on the way back in we saw it and it was totally fun to go by and say happy birthday to her in the middle of a race.
  5. The second time up Cricket Hill, 9+ miles into a race isn't fun. It nearly killed me.
  6. Despite that, I took more than a minute off my 10 mile PR so YEAH for me.
 I did make a mistake of wearing my jacket on the run, so even though I had a short-sleeved shirt on underneath, I ended up being hot the last few miles. I won't bore you the details of each mile. We kept a pretty steady pace of around 9:45. We had a few faster miles and one 10 min. slow mile. Amazingly, even with the hill, my last mile was a 9 - so that makes me feel good. In the end, I ran a 1:37:05, 9:43 pace, which put me in 31/78 in my division; 328/652 women; and 809/1265 overall. Right there in the middle, just where I like to be.

But this means that (a) I should be able to run a 10 minute pace if not faster half marathon - but why can't I seem to do that? And (b) that I really should start doing more weight and speed training. I need a coach - even a virtual coach.

It was a fun race, I saw lots of friends, I earned another medal and shirt and spent a couple of hours outside on Saturday morning. What could be better?

Next up - Shamrock Shuffle (?) Chi-Town Half (?) - Both questions marks because I have signed up for neither.


Pete B said...

Congrats on the PR! It was great meeting you. It was perfect PR weather, but 2X Cricket Hill was not very PR friendly! Speed training does go a long way in helping me drop my half marathon times. Also, I like to do a couple of 15 milers in the weeks leading up to a goal half marathon. That way, 13.1 seems short! Congrats again.

Freewheelin' Dave said...

It just doesn't seem very sporting that a hill that almost killed you should be named "Cricket Hill." I mean, that sounds so cute and cheerful and all.

Now Velociraptor Hill - There's a hill that sounds like it could do some damage to you!

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