Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day Activities

I know you're all wondering what it is that I do when I have a day off and it's snowed a couple of inches outside, and the temperature is 24 and it feels like 17 and the house is a bit of a mess and I have my son also has the day off of school because it's President's Day. I mean, who wouldn't want to know that right?

In an effort to be more interesting, write, get stuff done, kill multiple birds with a minimum of stones and whatnot, I decided to 'live blog' my day. Here goes:

9:13 a.m. - I have made the decision to live blog my day. Upon getting up and driving my husband to the train which meant a shouting matching with S to get him into snow boots and out the door, we have returned home where I have made him clean up his toys before he gets to watch TV. I am vowing to point out all the sass and back talk he gives to me and letting him know that this is what gets him in trouble at school. I am also vowing to let him know what a good job he did when he decided to just pick up his stuff. He is now watching the Magic School Bus which I didn't have to help him do because he now knows how to turn the TV on and get to Netflix by himself. If only he could make coffee. I am now going to clean my kitchen (which shouldn't be too bad since I did a lot of it yesterday), have some coffee and decide what else I want to do with my day.

9:22 - Hold the phone - the internet has gone out. I may not be doing any live blogging today, and S may or may not be watching TV.

9:28 - We're back on line.  A quick restart later and everything is up. This day is turning out to be more exciting than I thought already.

10:04 - Kitchen done. Counters wiped, dishes done, stove cleaned (oven in the process of being cleaned). My overriding issue is that I always want to get everything done. And there is always one more thing to do. One more counter to wipe down. Is the front of the dishwasher wiped off (sure stainless steel looks pretty, but only when it's spotless)? How about the baseboards, those could use a dusting. It's never done. I don't know how people with (a) more children (b) pets (c) bigger houses (d) any combination or all of the above get anything done at all. But right now the way it looks is good enough. Most people would probably say it looks pretty darn good. So I'm going to leave it at that. Now I'm off to the living room to see what the Magic School Bus is up to, fold some laundry and see what other stuff I want to do today. In my mind the next 12 hours is a chance to get everything done so the rest of the week goes so smoothly I can just be in autopilot - or enjoy every minute I have as free time because I'm not going to have to be cleaning, or putting something away or paying bills or planning or something. But I know that's not true. So I will fight that urge and try to have a day of balance.

11:13 - I have cleaned my bedroom (why is it that no matter how much you dust under your bed there are dust bunnies the size of Frank from Donnie Darko living under there?). A load of laundry is in the washer and I have made a totally unrealistic list of stuff to do. However, in the spirit of sharing, I have forwarded a few emails to Mr. H. - namely stuff having to so with S. and after school and summer camp. He can share in the pleasure of making these decisions :)

1:08 p.m. - Well I have now gone through my email, folded some more laundry, and put dinner in the crock pot. I also had a conversation with my sister. While I was doing that I had things I had wanted to mention, but I've forgotten. Oh right - I'm making chicken chili. First, I  only have two cans of white beans because even though I paid for 3 somehow only 2 made it in my bag at the grocery store. So I decided to put in the one can of red beans in because really is it going to make that big of a difference? So I'm doing that, but first I have to coax the red beans out of the can. I really appreciate Trader Joe's giving me the most beans for my money, but it's always near impossible to get them out without smushing them because they're packed in so tight. S and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and now we're going to play Legos. We were going to go outside and play in the snow, but he changed his mind. I made him get dressed because it's after noon. But he's wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt because he's five.

9:25 p.m. - Woah, where does the time go? S and I did a lot of Lego playing. Actually, he mostly did the playing. I have been sorting Legos because we have so many damned small pieces that I had to go out and buy a set of drawers like you use for beads because that's just the type of organizational issues I have. BUT - it was SOOOOO much easier building the dog house and house that he wanted to build because we could find all the tiny blocks. Of course, this organization will last all of 1 day because he will pull everything apart and dump out a drawer of 1x1 bricks to find that one he needs and I'll cry because no one likes things as neat as I do. Doing that took up until Mr. H. called and said he was on the 5:03 train. We drove to pick him up - S was quite amazed that I let him wear just his snow pants over his shorts (as was Mr. H.). I then wrote worked on some stuff I'm doing for S's school, ate the dinner I made earlier, cleaned the kid in the bath, did the dishes, read to S (have you read these Captain Underpants books? They're a hoot), had a smoothie and watched the Walking Dead while knitting.

Did I get everything accomplished I wanted to - no. Did I have a good day? Yes. My house looks pretty good. I played with my son (and organized Legos, which really is about as good as it gets for me). I'm off to brush my teeth and go to bed. Tomorrow, being a regular work day, won't be near as exciting. But you know, President's Day only comes once a year.

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