Thursday, October 2, 2014

The taper & one final plea*

Me (right) at the 2012 marathon, Jackie wearing the shirt I
may wear this year because she has since given it to me.
The taper is the period between your peak mileage and your run  - in my case the marathon. It's a weird time because your runs get shorter which feels like you're going in the wrong direction. You also have more free time, which I've been using to eat and obsess about the marathon.

So far I've had ice cream (or an analog for it) every day this week and I've formulated my race strategy from how often I'm going to fuel, what I'm going to wear, and all my different pace options (perfect race, OK race, worse race of my life) and what finishing times those result in.

What I haven't been doing is worrying if I'll be able to pay for the entry fee. Or where the money for my next pair of running shoes will come from. I also haven't been at a loss for people who believe in and motivate me. Providing that support, motivation and funds is a goal of the CARA Road Scholars program. Not only does it help kids create a healthy habit, it  also gives support and motivation in a new way.

I'll be honest, the main reason I signed up for another marathon is to test myself and see if I can improve on my time from 2012. Training to run 26.2 miles is hard; most people have no desire to do this. And that's exactly why charities use races, especially the marathon, to fund raise. They know all of you out there, the ones who don't spend the untold amounts of time running in circles, you think - ok, she's running a marathon, that's pretty big, I should support that. And it works. So many of you have already donated to my fundraising: Amy (times 3), Jackie, John, Claire, Tim, Tracy, Sarah (times 2), Aaron, Katie (times 2), Lucy, Joe, Brian, Jayme, Yaz, Andrew, Jennifer, Meshelle, Paul, Joanna, Alain, Brett, Grandpa, Jamie, Dad, Alexis, you've all contributed and I can't thank you enough. You helped me reach my goal and that contribution helps some great kids reach their goals too.

For those of you out there that have said to me "oh, I keep meaning to donate" and those of you who have thought "I should make a donation" and to those of you who are now thinking "if I make a donation do you think she'll quit asking for donations?", now is the time to make a donation. Hell, it doesn't even have to be to me. There are other Road Scholars fundraisers you can choose from. And it doesn't have to be much. If 10 people reading this gives $10 each, well, that's another $100 - the cost of shoes and race day uniform.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, donates in the future and plans to donate someday. I'll even say thanks to those of you who don't donate because I know (a) you'd like to but don't have the money (b) you have donated to some other runner's charity (c) you donated to some other charity that doesn't even have a marathon fundraising team (!?) (d) you have some other totally valid reason for not donating.

Thank you all for listening the last 17 weeks. It's almost over.

In case you don't already have it, here's the link to my fundraising page:

*May not actually be my final plea.

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