Saturday, September 6, 2014

Marathon Training Week 13

Week 13 turned out to be quite a lucky week for us runners. After a couple of weeks of sweltering humid days - which is par for the course in Chicago but still sucks when you're running long distances, temperatures finally dropped to the low 70s with hardly any humidity last night after a rainstorm. It got into the lower 60s overnight and this morning, when I left to bike down to the lake, I put long sleeve shirt on over my running top because it was a bit chilly.

Like 15 and 16 miles, I haven't run 18 miles since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and I was a little nervous. I kept thinking back on my last 18 mile training run. You can go back and read the old blog post if you so desire, but I was pretty nervous about that run. And I knew that after the 16 miles two weeks prior to it, there was no way I was going to make 18 miles by myself. So my wonderful sister road her bike next to me. While that was great, and I did mention to her that she could do the same thing for our whole group this time, it was even better running with a group. It's great to have so many different people to chat with, catch up on what's been going on with their training and lives in general over the previous week. And then to top it off, the weather was perfect. It never got too warm and we had a great breeze. I definitely felt the miles, but I also felt pretty good at the end of it. Certainly much better than the hellish 16-mile run and even last week's half. Hell, I felt better than my mid-week 8- (supposed to be 9) mile run.

So yeah, I only did 8 miles because I Divvied (that's a verb right?), down to the lake with a co-worker instead of running along the river path. So I lost just under a mile. I realized I'd be short before I got off the path to go home, but decided that 8 was close enough. I also ended up not doing my Thursday 5 mile run at all (or yet - if this weather holds, I might do it tomorrow). I wanted to do it on Friday, but didn't get up early enough to do it in the morning and then when I had time to do it was way too hot. I hate missing runs now, but honestly I don't feel that bad about it with how crappy the weather has been.

Sorry this has turned into a weather report, it just that these things are important to runners. I could tell you about my fueling strategy. I've recently switched from Gu to Shot Blocks to Honey Stingers chews. I like the Stingers cause they're smaller than the Shot Blocks and the chews in general just seem to sit better in my stomach than the Gu has been lately. 

I didn't think it was possible to have too many shoes.
Or I could talk to you about running shoes. For the past several months, I have been alternating
between two different sets of shoes: a pair of Asics and a pair of Brooks. It's nice to go back and forth between two pairs to let one rest. But after adding up my mileage on both sets of shoes I realized it was time for at least one new pair. I have miles left on both of them, but not enough to get me through the marathon. So yesterday off to the shoe store we went. My plan was to just get another pair of the Asics. I like both, but those were what I've been doing my long runs in. Of course, I forgot they were Asics and said Sauconys (I have a pair of those at work that I use when I go to the gym). Unfortunately my most recent shoe purchase wasn't in the store computer, so we went online looking for the specific pair of Sauconys, until Mr. H. said, "aren't you running in Asics?" So then we looked on that website, found the shoe. Then they asked what size and I said 8.5 because I was sure I was running in a shoe a full size up. Turns out I was, just not in the Asics, only in the Brooks. So that's weird, I'm wearing an 8 in the Asics but an 8.5 in the Brooks. Of course, I didn't figure that out until I got home last night and it was too late to do anything about it. I had planned on running in the new shoes this morning since it wasn't a "different" shoe, everyone assured me it would be fine. But I couldn't risk running in one not the right size. So I ran in the old Brooks, and then went back to the store today and exchanged the shoes for the right size. (Special thanks to the guys at Universal Sole for putting up with my nuttiness). I guess I should keep a note about my different shoes in my phone or something.

I'll spare you the story about my quest for new shorts until next week. Now on to the stats: 

Stats for the last week:
Miles run: 28 (though I may very well still make up that 5 mile run)
Miles left to go: 159.2
Raised so far: $1000.20
Left to go: NOTHING!

You read that right, after three more donations (thanks Uncle Tim, Amy and Claire) I have now made my minimum fundraising goal. That doesn't mean I won't remind people that, should they choose, they can still give money, but I'm super happy, and grateful, that I've raised the minimum.

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