Saturday, July 5, 2014

Marathon Training Week Four

Did a nine mile run this morning - my longest run since the half marathon in February. The weather has cooled down, and so the run was quite nice. The first couple of miles felt rough, and then everything started to click and it was smooth sailing. I had a weird achilles pain in my left leg for a couple of miles, but it went away and I made sure to stretch.

After each long run, our group stretches together and to celebrate/torture ourselves more, we do the plank - 10 seconds for every mile. So today we did a 90 second plank. I've been practicing during the week. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep this up the whole time - I mean, can anyone actually do the plank for 200 seconds? 

Floppy Monster made for Baby H.
and England Monster made for Mr. H.
I haven't made much progress in my fundraising lately. So instead of just badgering people to give me money because CARA's Road Scholars program is a great organization that does great work, I've come up with an incentive. Every person who donates this month will be entered into a raffle to win a monster. And not just any monster. A made to order knitted monster - you'll get to pick your colors. So get those donations in now. 

Stats for the week:
  • Miles run: 19
  • Miles left to go: 396.2
  • Raised so far: $494.20
  • Left to go: $505.80


Jackie said...

Sarah Palmer said...

I am trying to do the 10 sec/mile plank with my group but I suspect a mutiny soon. Although the person who really complained has stopped coming. Maybe I can guilt people into it. I was thinking may breaking it up into 60 second chunks when it gets really long.

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