Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Original 5k

My Saturday's have turned into long run days - and I was scheduled to run 7 miles today as part of the half marathon CARA training program I'm following until marathon training starts in June. But, I could not pass up a chance to register for a race that cost a mere $19.72 - not only because of the cost but because, hey, that's the year I was born.

This new Fleet Feet 5k is all about the origins of distance running (or at least the beginning of the popularity of it in this country).  The "swag" for the race was tube socks and the beer after the race was Miller High Life. My friend Sarah made a comment about how she wanted a painters cap a la Joan  Benoit when she ran and won the first women's Olympic marathon in 1984. After two clicks on Amazon, I had ordered hats and we were ready to kick it old school.

Originally I was going to let the painters hat be my only nod to old school, but after I picked up my packet and seeing the sweet tube socks, I couldn't help myself. So I pulled out some Kent State gear that had a bit of an older vibe to it - a cotton baseball style t-shirt and athletic shorts that I normally don't wear outside the house. I braided my hair in pig tails to complete the look.

My plan was to run the two miles down to the Montrose Harbor, run the 5k and then run the two miles back, thus completing my 7 miles for the day. I did run down, but after drinking half of my Miller High Life, running back home didn't sound like a good idea, so I had a nice walk. 

The race itself was a lot of fun. It wasn't a very big field being the inaugural run. It was self seeded with no pace markers to line up with, so I just got in and ran. The course was a little crowded the first half, and I was steadily passing people. There was a lot of banter and it was fairly entertaining checking out what people were wearing. There were quite a few guys sporting what I assumed to be newly cultivated mutton chops, a lot of short shorts, cotton shirts and headbands, and of course tube socks. 

My sister and her boyfriend got to the race just in time to cross the start line behind everyone else and caught up to me around mile 2 and we ran in most of the way together until I slowed down. For some reason the last half mile I just ran out of steam. Despite that, it was my fastest mile.

True to the spirit of the race, there were no clocks at the mile markers but people with stop watches calling out the splits. According to my Nike+ watch (I couldn't go so old school that I was going to run without my watch - though there was part of me that wished I had some retro Nikes to run in) my splits were: 9:51, 9:49, 9:43. I finished in 30:31 placing 559/1017 overall, 260/616 women and 16/60 in my age group. It wasn't my fastest 5k, but it was fun. 

Like an idiot I didn't get a picture of me at the race, so I'm hoping at least one of the race photos turns out good. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Iconic 80s Movies

A few weeks ago I was browsing around BuzzFeed, as one does, and I took a quiz, as one does, about how many iconic 80s films I had seen. Now I could debate whether all of the 170 movies on this list are truly iconic or not (I'm going to go with not). I also could debate about the movies they left off the list that clearly should have been included, but since they included a disclaimer at the bottom that they couldn't include every iconic 80s film, I'll also let that go.

So I took the quiz and I had seen 141 movies on the list, leaving 29 to go. The ones I had not yet seen:

  1. Conan the Barbarian 
  2. Porky's
  3. Teen Witch
  4. Troop Beverly Hills
  5. Raging Bull
  6. Spaceballs
  7. The Transformers: the movie
  8. The outsiders
  9. Oliver & Company
  10. The Secret of NIMH
  11. Return to Oz
  12. Explorers
  13. 48 Hrs.
  14. This is Spinal Tap
  15. Full Metal Jacket
  16. Rambo: First Blood
  17. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  18. Rocky III
  19. Out of Africa
  20. La Bamba
  21. Hannah and Her Sisters
  22. "Crocodile" Dundee
  23. Harry and the Hendersons
  24. The Great Muppet Caper
  25. The Muppets Take Manhattan
  26. Drugstore Cowboy
  27. Back to School
  28. Hoosiers
  29. Empire of the Sun
There were several movies I had seen bits and pieces of, but not all of (Out of Africa, Spinal Tap, Back to School, Spaceballs). There were movies I actually think are iconic and deserve theirs spot on the list and that I should see (Raging Bull, Drugstore Cowboy, Hannah and Her Sisters). And there were movies I didn't feel the need to see in the 80s and don't really feel the need to see now (Rocky III, "Crocodile" Dundee, Porky's). But I like a good challenge, even if it means sitting through all of Teen Witch, and so I vowed, on Facebook to an audience of about three people, to watch the movies I hadn't yet seen by the end of the year.

As luck would have it, I was actually already watching Wrath of Kahn with Mr. H. so in short order I got to cross one off my list, which is why I crossed it off above.

Here's the as-short-as-I-can-make-it story about why I was watching the Wrath of Kahn: Most nights, before going to sleep, Mr. H. and I watch a bit (about 20 min) of some movie (this was a compromise because I like to watch TV in bed and he does not) before going to sleep. We usually watch movies we have seen that are in our collection. However, we had just come off watching all of the James Bond films in order, so we moved to watching all of the Star Trek movies (of which I have seen none) in order. When I took this quiz, we were on the Wrath of Kahn.

I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek. I'm a Star Wars fan myself. It's not that I don't think they can't exist in the same universe except that they don't. Anyway, I've hardly watched any of the shows and none of the movies. So by the time we had made it to Kahn, I more fully understood the jokes about the. way. Shatner. talks. as well as the whole every other movie sucks thing. Kahn was interesting because I got to see Ricardo Montalban's chest - which I seriously doubted was his real chest at the beginning, so bizarre did it look to me. I also got to see Kirstie Alley in her first film role, and Merritt Butrick, which made me sad and look up if I could stream episodes of Square Pegs on Amazon Prime (no, but you can buy them for 2 bucks a piece). My only other takeaways from this (and the other Star Trek movies) are: why would anyone have paid to see these, they're like really long episodes rather than fully fleshed out movies; and why does Starfleet continue to rebuild the Enterprise?

So, what's next on the list? Not sure what I'm in the mood for. Maybe The Great Muppet Caper - wonder if Amazon Prime has that.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

When you can't run

So I've not really been blogging about anything, because I haven't been running. But of course, since my blog is a catch all, all over the place, not really on one topic, started on rants and moved on to running type of blog, I really could sit down and tell the tales of anything I want to. So this is a tale about one of those things, but is actually also about running, and toes, and then not running.

If you've noticed the link over there --->> you'll know that I've gone and done it, I've signed up for the 2014 Chicago Marathon. And once again, I'm raising money for a good cause, this year it's CARA's Road Scholars program. You can read more about that over on their page and I'm sure I'll tell you more about it later, as this post isn't really about that. Anyway, since I signed up for the marathon, I'm back into full "I need to train for the marathon" mode. I'm pretty excited about it because I feel like I'm in a much better place than I was for my first marathon - a lot more miles under the belt. Since finishing the Cowtown Half in February, I pretty much took March off (ran one time) and then started picking it up the milage again this month. My plan was a pretty simple one:
  • Run Ravenswood 5k as I do every year
  • Start training with the summer half marathon CARA group on May 3
  • Do half marathon training until full marathon training starts up in June
Right? Easy peasy. The last few weeks, I start upping my mileage - nothing too drastic just enough so I'm ready to run Ravenswood and start the half marathon training the following week. I'm feeling good and pumped up.

Mr. H. is currently training for the Cleveland Marathon, so Saturday mornings means he's away and Baby H. and I are hanging in the house where he plays and I try to keep him entertained and do some cleaning. This day's entertainment included building a pillow pile on the living room floor. We gathered all the pillows and he proceeds to jump on them while I try to clean the kitchen. At some point during this, Baby H. must have gotten out his drum. Later, while cleaning up the pillows on the floor, I kicked the drum, which is better than kicking the bucket, but still hurts like hell.

My stubbed toe (left foot, toe next to the pinky) hurt, but nothing, I thought, out of the ordinary. That is until about an hour or so later and I realize my toe is still hurting pretty bad, and woah, what a lovely shade of purple. That picture over there was taken after icing and elevating it for an hour or so. So now I'm convinced I've actually broken my toe, on a drum, the day before a 5k. At first I decide it probably isn't really all that bad, but then like an idiot, I go to the internet and hear horror stories of people who ran with injured toes and can now barely walk. I make an executive decision to NOT run the Ravenswood and hope the toe isn't broken.

The following Monday I go to a local foot doctor who is wonderful, and gets me in right away and placates me about my little toe. By this time, it's not hurting anywhere near as much, and all swelling has gone down, and I'm kinda feeling like maybe it's not really that big of a deal, but she seems pretty impressed by the damage I've done. Luckily, the damage I had done did not include breaking it; just really badly bruised. So she tapes me up, tells me to stay off it of as much as I can, and to wear one of those lovely shoe things for a week or too.

I hate it when things like this happen, I mean don't we all. But just as I had geared myself up to really jump into training again, and now I can't. It seems like this has happened to me before. I take a few weeks of from running, and then just as I'm ready to get back at it, I get sick, or stub my toe. The good news is, it seems to be healing pretty quick, so I think I'll be out there sooner rather than later. Which makes me happy. Because it's only when I can't run that I seem like I really want to.

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