Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter running sucks!

OK, so by the title of this post you can probably ascertain that my run today didn't go quite as planned. That would be a good assumption. It's been several hours and I've thought a lot about why my run didn't go the way I wanted it to (I ran slow and I didn't complete the 10 miles). I think it was a combination of:
  1. Lots of the path being covered in snow.
  2. When we weren't fighting the snow on the ground, the wind was blowing straight at us. And, this being Chicago, it didn't matter which direction we were running, the wind was still coming straight at us.
  3. As I said in an earlier post on my running this winter, I am not in the shape that I was last year after the marathon. 
  4. I haven't been doing anywhere near the strength and cross-training that I need to do. I think in the past I have been able to get away with this because I wasn't really trying to run a specific pace.
So now that I'm three weeks away from the Winter Half, and not feeling at all confident about this run, what am I going to do? First, I think next week I'm going to just go ahead and run with the 10:30s. I want to complete the miles and feel good about going into the race. Also, I knew that I wasn't doing enough strength and cross-training. Which was why I picked this month to be my focus on exercise month. So this last week I have been, slowly so I don't get too sore, adding some additional exercises. Of course, this add times to my workouts, which is probably why I skip it. But if I want to get faster or continue to run these distances at this speed, then I'm going to have to do more than just run. 

So there it is. I feel like a complete failure about my run today, which is kinda sad seeing how I did actually go for a 7 mile run in 25 degree weather with gusting winds. Honestly, some days I'm not sure who I have turned into. Edited to add: I don't mean that last sentence to sound like I suck. What I mean to say is I am astonished that I care this much about my pace and time and have become such a "runner." But overall, I am happy that I got out there at all today - something most (sane) people wouldn't do.

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