Friday, November 29, 2013

F3 Turkey Chase 8k

Another Thanksgiving, another Turkey themed run. This year's was the inaugural F3 Turkey Chase 8k which started and ended on the the Lakefront at Lakeshore East. The 'colder by the lake' axiom didn't really make that much of a difference as it was pretty much colder everywhere in Chicago yesterday (this week, all month). But no matter, we bundled up, extra bundled up our little one and hopped on the train downtown. While the train seemed to take forever and we at times didn't think we'd make it, in the end it actually played out perfectly as it decreased the amount of time we stood around in the freezing cold. And, we even got to see some of the Thanksgiving parade and the big turkey balloon as we passed over State Street on the train.

The course was your basic out and back, which, sure, sometimes is boring, but I always like that I get to see the super speedy runners going back when I'm barely a mile in. Plus, this year, I was on the look out for Mr. H. as he was racing not only toward the finish line but back to get back to the children (mine and my sister's and her boyfriend's). We high-fived as we passed each other.

I haven't run in almost two weeks because I've been super sick (with not strep but something masquerading as it and making me generally miserable). So even though I had a good first couple of miles, I reminded myself that I didn't need to push too hard, and finished right where I wanted to be (49:23.4, 9:57 pace, 21/45 in my age group).

After the race, we enjoyed hot chocolate and warm cider (though there was some grousing about the lack of coffee, but not by me. Anything hot at this point was welcome.), and waited for the kids race to begin. All six kids had been signed up to run, and at first I had a feeling that we'd be the only parents dumb brave enough to stick around for it. But there were a dozen or so littles ready to race around the perimeter of the park. The cousins all did well, but baby H. went out a bit too fast and wasn't quite ready for this course distance of roughly .2 miles (telling Mr. H. that he was done about half way through). However, he persevered and finished, last. He was a little upset about not winning (though of course he received a medal) and we all assured him that none of us had won our races either. Mr. H. even had the worst not winning experience as he came in 4th in his age group.

The swag for the race was a super comfy hooded sweatshirt that I can not wait to spend the rest of the weekend in. Next race up: Possibly the Jingle Bell Run with my mom who has been doing the Beginning Running program with CARA. Or I may just spectate and cheer. So if not that, it will be the F3 Lake Half Marathon, which may just be warmer than the Turkey Chase was.

edited to add: Sister's race recap, with 50% more wine: Turkey Chase 8K

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