Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So I like to sign up for things...seriously, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me. So, on a whim, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month, which starts on November 1. The good news is that I am going to use the Run Away from the Crazy, which I started writing so many moons ago on this blog as my starting point. The bad news, if I'm actually going to do this, is I need to figure out what the F I'm going to write about on top of what I already have. In the end I'm supposed to have 50,000 words. I currently have 2,135 words. However, I have no outline and just the beginning of character development. On top of that, here is a list of the other shit I have do in November:

  • 1/2 marathon training is beginning so I need to get back on the track with running several days a week
  • Surviving (hopefully) whatever it is that is going to happen at my company next week and then probably communicating about it to everyone else within the company
  • Thanksgiving - enough said right?
  • Continuing to take care of a 3-year old that is completely selfish and does not think of others ever
So, with that, I am off to figure out some sort of outline or something so that on Friday I have some sort of plan to do this.

I can do this right?

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