Monday, May 20, 2013

Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K

Yesterday Mr. H. and I competed in the Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10k - he did the half and I ran the 10k.

It was a nice day for a run, sunny and not too hot with a bit of a breeze off of the lake. True to form, I wasn't as prepared for this race as I wanted to be. But I have started running a couple of mornings a week with a friend, so I am hoping that this will keep me more motivated to run more often and more regularly.

Kinda like  the C4, all I wanted to do was to go out and run and have a good time. And that's what I did. It's been since marathon training that I've been this far South on the lake path and it was a nice change of scenery. It was pretty easy for me to get into a groove and I was keeping my pace around 9:40 min miles. Because of this, I did actually manage to best my 10K record by about four minutes, so that was good too.

Because the course was an in and out and because the half marathon left about half an hour before the 10k, I knew I'd have some half marathoners passing me before the end. I fully expected Mr. H. to be one of those. But I had the great pleasure of beating him to the finish line by about four minutes, even if he ran more than twice my distance.

But the greatest part of the day was watching my son run the 50 yard dash with his Nana. That's him running rogue in the stripped shirt (I tried everything I could to enter him properly but couldn't find anyone who would take my money.).

This weekend seemed a blur because after the run we went and picked up my wonderful mother's day present from the bike store. And then after a nap that didn't really happen,we hung out in the back yard with friends and finally attached the bike trailer to my other bike and baby H. and I did a few laps around the block in preparation for Bike the Drive next weekend. Couple that with my brother's college graduation the day before (whoo hoo), and a lot of rocket knitting, it was a busy weekend.

Sometimes I long for the summer lazy days where we have nothing to do. But now that Baby H. isn't so much a baby anymore, it seems there's a never ending stream of stuff that we need to get out and do. I'm just glad that running and biking are included in the "stuff we need to do this weekend."

Note: I'm going to have to get better updating my blog, at least after races, because I've been added to the list of Chicago Running Bloggers! You can go there to check out all the other great Chicago bloggers who write about the myriad of races we have in our great city.

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