Saturday, May 4, 2013

C4 Miles

Having done zero runs since Sunday, run a race the previous weekend and only just signed up for this race the day before, I wasn't out to accomplish anything by running the C4 Miles other than support my knitting friend Amy and her organization.

Mr. H. and I had to coordinate him running an 11-miles and then meeting at the race site so he could watch Baby H. and my niece while my sister and I ran the race. It worked out perfectly and the slightly sunny, not too warm 10 a.m. start meant we didn't have to get out of bed too early and the weather was perfect. I went into this race with the mind set of just going for a nice four-mile jog. And that's exactly what I did. I ran with another knitter friend, Liz, and we chatted along the path about running, the book we're reading for book club and how good the food at the cafe smelled.

Unfortunately the food smells distracted Liz and she got tripped up, hitting the deck. The good news is, she aimed for the grass and only suffered a couple of minor scrapes and we were able to get back up and running again pretty quickly. The nice thing about this run is that it's such a small run; there were only 111 runners and some walkers completing a two mile out and back loop. Because of this, you're able to get into a nice pace easily without having to contend with a bunch of other people. The not nice thing about this run is that the four miles is on the same out and back loop as the walkers (just longer obviously , so you're pretty much dodging walkers along the last mile and. The other issue is that it starts on the path at Cannon and Fullerton, but then veers off the path and onto sidewalk around the Waveland Park softball fields. The side walks anywhere in this city can be treacherous  and this was no exception. I suspect uneven paving, not actually the yummy smells of food, is what tripped Liz up. But like I said, she wasn't badly hurt so we walked for a few seconds and then were back to running.

Amazingly, even with this slight bump in my pace, I managed to finish 2nd in my age group. It helped that there were only four women in my age group running. And had our slight slow down not happened, I may have actually won my age group. But at the end of the day, that wasn't what I went out to do this run for. I went to have a good time, hang out with some friends and family (sister placed 1st in her age group - again!) and support a great organization. And that's what I did.

Distance: 4 miles; Time: 39:27; Pace: 9:42; L1-9:21; L2-9:58; L3-10:24; L4-9:15
Finished 55/111; 2/4 in age group


Nicole Kesten said...
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nicole kesten said...

sorry, deleted post by accident. CONGRATS on your AG 2nd place finish. Love changing it up with small races sometimes. happy to find your blog!

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