Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You!

Back when I first signed up for the marathon, the initial reason was because I wanted to do something for Children's Oncology Services and more specifically, I wanted to support my former nanny and friend Colleen. The love and care she showed my son and my family made her a great nanny. The passion she shows for Children's Oncology Services and camp make her a great person. When she told me she was heading up the effort to find runner's for this year's Team One Step marathon team, my first thought was "Great; I'll definitely give a donation." Only after a couple of crazy conversations with my sister, husband and mom did I think "OK, maybe I should show some real support and sign up for the marathon". 

By signing up to raise at least $1,000 for COSI, I knew I'd have two very difficult tasks: (1) training for a marathon and (2) raising $1,000. If you've been following along with the blog, you already know what training/running a marathon is like. Raising funds, that's a different story. I've raised funds for causes before. It's hard to go out there and ask people for money - especially when the economy isn't the greatest. Most of the people I know are wonderful people who already have their own charities they give to or raise money for. But that's why I signed up to do this race. To let my friends know that I was willing to do the really hard work if they could just kick in a couple of bucks for a great cause. And you know what, they did - you did.

So I'd like to take this moment to say Thank You. Thank you for all the wonderful donations and words of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog each week and cheer me on. And most importantly, thank you for helping give a child with cancer something that many other children take for granted - the chance to be a kid enjoying camp. 

Thank you Angela and Chris, Uncle Tim, Jen, Barry, Mike, Ben, Ken, Katey, Terri, Earl and Sasha, Jessica, Dawn, Sara and Mike, Jennifer, Tracy and Simon, Alana, Grandpa, Nachama, Kirk, Tamara and Gus, Dad, Angie, and Dave ... and Karen and Sharon (the donations just keep coming in).

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