Saturday, October 6, 2012

I guess this is it

I own (or may own) all of Chicago
Not much more to do now but wait, rest, eat carbs. Yesterday, Mr. H. and I headed to the Marathon Expo at McCormick Place. It was pretty fun. We were able to pose for pictures in the Nike area as well as with Da Coach.  We walked around, got our packets, tried on shirts and picked up a cow bell.

Earlier in the day, Mr. H. made a trip to Salvation Army to get some throw away clothes for the start line. Good news is, they'll just be donated again, along with the thousands of other items that will be shed at the beginning of the race. 

So this is it. You want to know what it feels like the day before you run a marathon? Sort of like the day before you get married. Or the day before you start at a new school. We're pretty anxious, excited, overwhelmed. I just hope I'm able to get some sleep tonight and that this excitement means I get through at least the first half of the course on sheer adrenaline. 

Mr. H. only gets 26.2 miles of it
If you're in Chicago, I'll look for you along the course. I'll be wearing a bright yellow hat, jogging about 11 min miles and wearing a Team One Step t-shirt. I'm sure you'll be able to pick me out. For those of you playing along at home, here's how to follow along.

Tracking Runners
The link below has a section on it called, Runner Tracking. Once you go to that section, you register, and then you can sign up to follow me and any other runners you know via text, Twitter or Facebook.  I've signed up to track myself via my Twitter feed and Facebook page. My Twitter feed is over to the right of this page. So you should be able to see when I cross 10k, 1/2 way, 30k and the finish on both this page as well as my Facebook page.
You can also follow along with the race on NBC 5 - and for any of you out of towners, their website has quite a bit of info:

I think we all know who this is
So this is it. Thanks again to everyone who has donated and supported us. A special thank you goes to my mother for coming over every Sunday for the last 18 weeks to watch Baby H. Mr. H. and I wouldn't have been able to train for this without you.

Running/fundraising stats for week ending October 7 (except for you know October 7)
Miles run this week: 7
Training miles to date: 402.22
Miles left to run (including the marathon): 26.2
Dollars left to raise: ZERO!!!

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