Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 9 - Half Way (one more time with feeling)

I am officially half way through with this 18 week training. Unfortunately, I don't think it's all downhill from here. Just more running more miles. 

I was all set to get back on to the training horse this week after my back injury last week and then I caught a cold. It was mostly in my throat so I managed to run on Tuesday. But I felt awful on Wednesday and  skipped my 7 mile run. Then I felt better on Thursday, so did 4 miles. I had plans to make up my 7 miles on Friday or Saturday, but that never happened. I ended the week with a 10 mile run on Sunday.

It was actually cool outside on Sunday morning at 6 a.m., like it's supposed to be. Cool being anything less than 80 degrees at this point. It may have actually been in the low 70s when we started running. Before going out I looked up my previous 10-mile time. It took me 1:49 to run 10 miles in hot steamy weather in Cleveland. I knew I should be able to do better, and I did, clocking in 7 minutes faster for a total time of 1:43. If I can keep up this pace (about 10:20 minute miles) for the marathon, I would be over the moon happy. 

Things are starting to get real as this upcoming Sunday I have a 15 mile run. This will be the first time I go into a new distance. This week is also the last of my 3 mile training runs. After today, my Tuesday runs will go up to 4 miles. I won't see anything as short as three miles until my final week of training.

Running stats for week ending August 5
Miles run this week: 17
Training miles to date: 221.11
Approximate calories burned this week: 13,277

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