Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 11 - Happy Anniversary

A better way to celebrate an anniversary.
Mr. H. and I celebrated six years of marriage on Sunday, August 19, by getting up around 5:30 and going for a quick jog. Except it wasn't that quick. I completed 16 miles and Mr. H. ran the first of three 20 mile runs his training calls for. It was a fairly long and grueling run for me and when he passed me as I had a little more than three miles to go, I was pretty sure that I was going to stop, but I didn't. Even with my hip hurting, I managed to finish my longest run to date. I just have to add 10 miles on top of that and then I'll only have two tenths of a mile to go before I've completed the marathon. 

I haven't had very much movement on the fundraising front lately, neither has Mr. H. With just less than 7 weeks to go, not only are we going to have to really find the strength in us to keep up with the training, but we're also raising money to help send kids with cancer to camp for a week. Of course, this is where you can help out. Any amount gets us closer to our goal. You can give to me here: or if you want, please help out Mr. H. with his fundraising efforts here:

Running stats for week ending August 19
Miles run this week:25
Training miles to date: 267.11
Number of times I said I'd never be doing this again while on a 16 mile run: too many to count

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