Monday, July 30, 2012

Weeks 7 & 8 - Half Way There (again)

Sorry for missing a post. These last couple of weeks have been interesting - for me at least.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan.

Week 7

My Wednesday runs are starting to get long, as I think I mentioned in my last running post, so I got up on Wednesday morning and did 6 miles in the neighborhood. It was a nice change of running scenery and I had a good run. On Sunday, I did 12 miles in yet once a blistering heat. Even though we're hitting the lake front by 5:30 a.m., it's already in the mid 70's at the beginning of the run and topping 80's by the end. I slowed way down and finished in about 2 hours 10 min. Not too bad, just under an 11 min pace which is all I can ask for when it's this hot outside.

Mr. H. and I were wiped out and probably dehydrated (even though I'm pretty sure I stopped at every single water fountain on the course). Back home, after drinking lots of water and eating, I did something I do all the time, I picked up Baby H. He's weighing in around 30 lbs and just at that moment my body decided I'd done enough work for the day because my back gave out. I pulled a muscle and sent it into spasms and that pretty much ended the rest of the day for me. For the next three days I was bent over in first pain, then acheyness, then stiffness. After three days of rest and muscle relaxers, I ran 3 miles on Thursday. I was a little stiff, but overall feeling OK.

Week 8 - The Half Way Point

Getting up on Sunday to run 13.1 miles after not really training all week was a little scary. When I first started training for the marathon my goal was to not miss any training runs because I know how easy it is to start letting them slip once you go down that path. But I also know the importance of taking care of yourself when you're injured and not making it worse. So a couple of missed days probably wasn't going to be the worst thing. After neither one of us feeling that well after last week's long runs, Mr. H. and I both prepared better with more fuel before the run and added fuel during (oh GU how I do love you). And, to our delight, it was merely in the 60s when we began our race and really a beautiful morning which was why I stopped and took that picture posted above.

That's not to say my run way easy. It wasn't. I had pretty good splits, averaging around 10:40 the whole way. I did slow down toward the end because my iPod stopped working/it was getting hot/I had already run 10 miles and when is this insanity going to end? The good news is, I found some inspiration to make it through the last few miles after I ran into a former coworker and friend Little Debbie. Just seeing her was enough to get me through those last few miles.

Next week is a step back week, only 10 miles, but seriously, I'm starting to wonder how I am going to start doing some of these longer distances by myself. The week after next is 15 miles. I have mental ways of dealing with it- like dividing it up into 3 chunks of 5 or maybe even 5 chunks of 3. But really, what I need is someone to run next to me helping me, pushing me, encouraging me. So, if anyone wants to join me on Sunday mornings at Montrose and the lake around 5:30 a.m. and then go for a run (ranging from 10 - 20 miles), let me know. If you are unable (or unwilling) to do that, maybe shoot a few dollars to my fundraising page. Believe me, it helps too. 

Running stats for week ending July 29
Miles run this week:16.1
Training miles to date: 204.11
Approximate steps  it takes to run 13.1 miles - 24,000

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