Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 5 - Running in Cleveland

Well, Rocky River to be exact, which is just west of Cleveland and next to Lakewood where Mr. H's family lives. We went to Cleveland for a long weekend over the holiday and somehow braved the 90+ degree weather and Saturday afternoon power outage. But the good news is, running on the Cleveland Metroparks multi-use path was delightful.

Major differences between Chicago Lakefront path and Cleveland Metroparks path:
  1. Deer to human ratio much higher. I saw eight deer (including two baby deer) during my run. They seemed to be saying "what the hell is wrong with you, it's 6 a.m. on a Sunday."
  2. Water to human ratio much lower. The one problem that I see with the path is that there are few water fountains. There was one fountain at my five mile mark (where I turned around since I was completing my 10 mile run). To prepare for this and to cope with what we assumed would be quite warm weather, we bought hand-held water bottles.
  3. Other people on the path at 6 a.m. much lower. There were a few miles there where I basically only saw the back of Mr. H. running away from me. I had a couple of minutes of "wow, I'm really alone out here." But by mile 3 I started to see some other people come out and by the time we got back to where we parked our car, the path was practically teeming with people. But still no where near the amount on the lakefront on the weekend.
  4. Shade. So much shade! Most of the path winds through the trees, so most of the time you are shaded. It's so nice.
It was great to have a few runs away from my treadmill, or my usual path around my neighborhood or even the lakefront in Chicago.  I might even have to schedule a trip to Cleveland later in the marathon training just to give myself a break from the doldrums of running the same path over and over again.
Finally, I'd like to give a shout out to my two newest supporters, the Steins and Alana. Lest you forget, I'm doing all this to raise money for Children's Oncology Services to help send kids with cancer to camp. It's easy to donate, just click on the Donate button on the right.

Running stats for week ending July 8
Miles run this week: 19
Training miles to date: 149.01
Steps this week (approximate as there was some missed counting during the week): 80,000

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