Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 2 - Team Colleen

Team Colleen (aka Caca for the little ones)
I spend my weeks training on the treadmill at work. It's a nice way to get a break from the office for a while and it allows me to catch up on the pod casts I listen to like This American Life and Planet Money.  

Weekends are for running outside. This week I skipped my Thursday run, but, determined to not miss any training mileage, I made up for it on Saturday. It was just a three mile run, but I wisely waited until about 2 p.m. and enjoyed a slow run in the high 80+ degree heat. Not something I would recommend. 

On Sunday, Mr. H.and I headed out the door shortly after 6 a.m (thanks Nana for hanging with Baby H.). I did 7 miles and Mr. H. finished 11. I would tell you how long it took me to complete the 7 miles, except my watch decided it wanted to mess with me, and the timer stopped for a mile (maybe more, maybe less). So I estimated 7 miles based on the 6 I ran last week, and my time was probably somewhere around the 1 hour 20 min mark. I try not to worry about how long the runs are taking me, just that I'm getting the mileage in.

This upcoming week my Wednesday run is increased by a mile but it is a step back week for me in the long run - only 5 miles. As part of that 5 miles, or maybe in addition to it, I'll be participating in the Chicago Women's 5k run on Sunday. On the front page of their website it asks, Why Will You Run? I'm running for Team Colleen. 

If you've read my First Giving fundraising page, you know that Colleen was the nanny who watched Baby H. last year. She left us to join Children's Oncology Services Inc. as their Development Coordinator. She has volunteered for COSI for several years and was a camper when she had cancer as a child. Well, unfortunately, her cancer is back. True to her spirit, when her family and friends rallied around her and asked what they could do to help, she asked that they continue to support Team One Step. And so, while she and the rest of the campers are enjoying themselves in William's Bay, WI on the banks of Lake Geneva, I am not only training for the marathon and raising funds for COSI, I am running to support Colleen. She is the inspiration that started me on this journey, and she's the one that keeps me going.

Running stats for week ending June 17
Miles run this week: 16
Training miles to date: 95.91

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