Sunday, April 22, 2012

City Running

I did my first outside run since last week's race. I typically train on the treadmill. I like the precision in speed the treadmill gives me. I also like that I don't have to stop for traffic or watch out for broken pieces of sidewalk or maneuver around people on the treadmill.

Today I did 5 miles with Mr. H. He runs quite a bit faster than me, so it was nice of him to slow down and stay with me for the whole five miles. My overall time was actually pretty good, about 48 min. I only ran over one child and didn't fall into any potholes. It was a little windy and cold, another thing I don't have to worry about on my indoor runs. But it was good to get outside and running with Mr. H. always makes me go a bit faster.

Running stats for week ending April 22
Miles run:16.5
Fastest mile: 9:25
Training miles to date:19.6

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