Friday, March 23, 2012

Sugar Free

I decided a while ago to do a sugar free 30 day challenge to (a) see if I could do it; (b) see if I could get used to coffee without sugar or just stop drinking coffee altogether and (c) see if I would lose a couple of pounds without really trying.

I started my experiment on Tuesday upon returning from Cancun - making today Day 4. Thus far I have had no sugar in my coffee...not as bad as I would think, but I think I am drinking less. I managed to not have cake yesterday for a going away party. I didn't have any dessert last night, or rather, my dessert consisted of grapes. Not as satisfying as ice cream, but good none the less. 

I honestly don't know if I've lost any weight because I didn't weigh myself before starting this endeavor and I haven't weighed myself yet. I guess I can get on that tomorrow morning. I'll let you know. I haven't noticed any other differences other than I feel slightly unsatisfied. The first couple of days, didn't really notice any difference, but yesterday and today the need for sugar seems to be kicking in.

My general guidelines are:
  • No added sugar (in coffee, tea etc.)
  • No sweets (candy, ice cream, cake)
  • No sweetened drinks (of course soda, but also no "juices" that are really just sweetened water. I have had OJ, but it's all natural OJ so the sugar that's in that is what's in the orange before they squeeze it)
  • Minimal extra sugar in processed foods (Raisins, OK; dried cranberries that have added sugar, not OK)
So there you go. It was something that I've been thinking about doing for a while. I think generally I eat too much sweet stuff and don't appreciate the occasional treat/dessert because it's not occasional but almost every day. I was inspired by Real Mom Nutrition who did this last month.

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