Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty sure I should be locked up

Because I slipped and almost fell on the ice on my walk home yesterday. And if I were in Utah, and this new proposed bill passed (Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendment), I could be tried for murder of my unborn child.

Or, if I were living in Iowa and I accidentally had a fall down the stairs because I was distraught after having a fight with my husband who told me he's considering leaving me and I told the nurse at the hospital that there were times I wish I weren't pregnant, I might end up in jail for a couple of days. And if I lived in any of the 36 other states which have fetal homicide laws, which I do, I should probably be more careful getting to and from work.

So why risk it. Just lock me and all the other mommies-to-be up so no one can hurt us (at least I don't have to worry about crossing the street anymore) and I can't intentionally or accidentally hurt myself or my unborn child.

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