Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crossing Over

I cross several streets on my walk to and from the train each day in my neighborhood. It is a common occurrence that cars at the stop signs don't really like to stop to wait for people to cross the street. There are those who just roll the whole time, slowly, inching toward you. There are those who will actually swerve around you. And, most commonly, there are those who go the second your behind is past their front bumper. I am used to this and normally just glare at them to which most of them act oblivious as if to say "hey, at least I didn't hit you."

But lately I've become a little more vocal. Apparently it's common to more easily loose your cool during pregnancy. Sure, I expected mood swings, but the thought of getting a bat and taking a swing at every car that tries to rush me through the cross walk actually sounds like a good idea.

Last night, on my walk home, a huge truck on the other side of the intersection decided that he couldn't just wait for me to get out of the crosswalk for him to go. No, he needed to bear down on the crosswalk, being intimidating and stupid. So of course, I started yelling and swearing at him. He was on the phone or texting, so he wasn't really bothered. But the woman getting out of her car kinda shot me a look. I apologized and then proceeded to get upset because I'd let this idiot in his idiot truck get me upset.

I think the bat is a better idea because it gets my aggression out and at least gets the attention of the stupid drivers.

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