Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

OK, so I finished school many years ago. I haven't had to go to class in so long that I actually sometimes miss it. I miss going school supply shopping and buying new binders and pencils and college ruled paper. But you know what I don't miss. I don't miss people, parents, teachers, administrators, thinking that children are stupid and they don't have any ability to think for themselves. Or worse, those people not wanting children to think for themselves because God forbid they have a thought that isn't in line with what their thinking is.

Today, on a day that should be a celebration. Today, on a day that is, lets face it, a relief to many parents who finally have someone else to look after their kids for a few hours. Today should be a day of new hope and expectations and excitement. Instead, for some children, today is the day they learned that their parents or friends parents are scared of a speech by the president of our country. Maybe the little kids don't know why their parents are afraid, or don't even realize what's happening. But I sure hope that the high school kids are out there thinking how stupid and ignorant this hostility and fear of a speech is.

I read the speech and there is nothing political in it. I don't even think giving out a lesson plan asking students to give the administration ideas on how to improve education in this country is political. But I guess I can see how some could see it that way. The next thing you know these people won't want their children to attend public school because they don't trust the government to run schools. These are the people that cut their noses off to spite their face. I just hope that their children learn better.

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Anonymous said...

I say thank Jebus upon high for the fear and ignorance inducing right wing attack-bot credo, inoculating against un-American concepts like reason and progress and education. The genius here was rooting out and blowing the lid off Obama’s insidious socialist agenda. These bright sparks, unaided by rational thought or common sense, were able to sift through the president’s Pinko rhetoric about staying in school and uncover his true plan: the indoctrination of a nation’s youth into a 50 million children strong commie think-tank, hell bent on wealth redistribution and Grandma slaying and the systematic dismantlement of capitalism.

I say hooray patriotism!

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