Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sign Me Up for a Death Panel

I don't know about you, but all I hear in the news lately is stuff about Health Care reform. Enough all ready, right? It's summer. All I want to hear about it what the UV index is today and if there are going to be enough greenhouse emissions to make the average temperature in Chicago in February 45. Seriously, enough of these harsh winters.

No, that's not what I meant. What I meant to say is something along the lines are "Are we freaking crazy that we can't figure out how to (a) insure the uninsured people in our country and (b) actually reform health care so those of us that are insured are not just one health crisis away from bankruptcy."

I've had lots of thoughts on this, I'm sure you have too. And instead of letting the crazies (I know, they're not actually crazy, they're just uninformed) ruin it for the rest of us because they think the president is trying to kill Grandma, I'd start posting some of the stuff I read about health care and what we can do about it.

Today I've got two links for you. One is from the New York Times about what's in the bills. I know 1,000 pages is a lot to read (you don't have to tell me, I've been trying to read Infinite Jest for ever now), but it's imperative to arm yourself with knowledge. This is a good starting point, and much shorter than the bill.

The second set of links are how to get more information about Town Hall meetings in your area and how to find more information about your Senator and Representative. I know I'm preaching mostly to the choir here (and I don't even go to church), but we can't sit on the sidelines and let this debate about health care be sidetracked by the likes of (I hate to even type her name) Sarah Palin. If her post on her Facebook page can get the Senate to take the end of life counseling out of their version of the bill...we'll it's past time that we started figthing back.

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