Monday, October 20, 2008

Possibly reverting back to the Stone Age

I have a rather long and involved tale about my cell phone where the one I had, and hate, was roaming all the time while Mr. H.'s phone had perfectly good, non-roaming service, so I go and get a new phone cause it's been two years and I'm that kind of consumer only to have it get NO service (not even a roam) in and around our apartment (meanwhile Mr. H. has downloaded NFL live and is watching the Brown's game "totally awesome" on his phone) go back to the store twice more and call customer service twice - all to no avail. Apparently some tower is down and I either have a phone that doesn't have a very strong antenna or I suddenly (but not Mr. H.) live in a rural area that doesn't get great reception. I've been told they are working to restore the tower, that and a $40 refund on my bill (which I basically had to beg for) have placated me for the time being. If the phone is still not working in my abode by the end of the week, I may go back eight or so years and be sans cell phone. You people know my work and home numbers. Seriously, is it that important?

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