Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Thoughts

First Thought
What is up with the Cubs? I mean seriously? On the plus side, if they lose their next game at least they didn't draw it out and get all of our hopes really up. I mean, I know it's a lot to ask of the universe to let an insignificant bunch of over paid boys that never figured out how to get a real job to win to lift the spirits of fans who, let's face it, mostly just like to go to the run down ballpark to drink. But it's been 100 years. I've been a Cubs fan (sure maybe not the most devoted fan, but a fan still) since 1984. Even 20 plus years is a lot of time not to win anything. But hey, whatever. If they actually do manage to win this year or the next or ever, in a weird way they will cease to be the Cubs and then what will we do?

Second Thought
I've about had it with the people who roll through stop signs and hate to wait for pedestrians to cross the street. Last night on my way home I was fully within my right to begin crossing the street when the car on the other side of the intersection gunned it (and he had a really loud muffler so it made it even that much worse) and then swerved around me as I had not yet actually made it across the street much less past the midway point. I don't think I was really in any danger of getting hit rather so much as forcing this guy to wait a few extra seconds to get wherever he was going. I'm sure it was the emergency room or something like that and his total display of douchery was completely necessary.

Third Thought
TGIF - I know, corny but totally true.

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