Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walter Payton 16,726 Yard Run

That's 9.5 miles for those of you having trouble converting yards into miles. Mr. H. and I ran this race in the pouring rain on Saturday. I wasn't sure how I was going to get through 9.5 miles much less a wet 9.5 miles, but somehow I did it. My results:

I finished with a time of 1:35:57.1 (10:01 pace) and 198/271 overall. I finished 15th in my age group - no where near placing, but not dead last like I thought I'd be (did I mention it was raining cats and dogs?).

As impressive as my results are (and I know you're impressed), Mr. H's results are even more impressive:

He finished with a time of 1:13:32.6 (7:44 pace) and 38/271. He finished a close but not quite 4th in his age group. He's a little upset he didn't get 3rd in his age group because he knows he can run that fast, but I still love him.

I'm very proud of him and frankly myself. Even now, knowing I can run 9.5 miles, I have no idea how I did it.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of both of you. I looked outside on Saturday morning when Pearl tried to wake me up to go outside, and put her in a doggie sized adult diaper just so I wouldn't have to face the deluge.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I would've totally chickened out from all that rain.

Equally impressive: you have a reader with a dog that wears adult diapers!

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