Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have I been remiss?

Surely you have noticed I have not blogged in quite a while. Almost three weeks my my clock. In that time I have: Run a 10k, spent many days at work, attended a small wedding vows renewal ceremony, babysat my nephews and niece, dinned with my "big boss" from Paris and his partner (he's not gay, just not married to his significant other), attended long and boring meetings, worked some more, taken the car to have the emissions tested, attended a baby shower, attended the Wicker Park street fair, worked and worked some more. So really, you didn't miss much.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a raise at my office. Apparently getting a promotion and a raise means having to work long hard hours with above and beyond results. No slacking off for me. Sure, that's all good and fine, but when does it end? If it never ends, is the promotion/raise really worth it? Is it really worth it when I wake up and immediately start thinking about the things I need to do at work? Is it worth going to sleep feeling slightly guilty that I didn't check my blackberry one more time? This world of being available all the time has started me to long for the wilderness and solitude a la Walden, and I don't even like wilderness and solitude.

So, my dear readers, I give this oath that I will try harder to blog more as I know you look to me to (a) entertain you and (b) keep you informed on all things Melly, but forgive me if all my blogs are just rantings of the weirdness that is corporate America.

Next blog: How to get fired from your job in five weeks or less.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Feelin the love

I just wanted to say that despite the ups and downs of all relationships, I'm really happy I'm with Mr. H. I was just reading a friend's thoughts on her recent breakup and not envying her one bit. I remember how hard it was to go through that (even that one time 15 years ago with Mr. H. way before I was Mrs. H.). It makes me appreciate what I have that much more.

Thanks Mr. H. - I love you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen, George Michael

That's right, I was among the lucky few (if you count several thousand people as a few) to witness George Michael in all his gorgeous Georgeness. With much thanks to my sis who bought the tickets, we had a fun time dancing to the couple of Wham tunes (Everything She Wants, Careless Whisper) and the big hits (Father Figure, Faith) . George worked the audience into a frenzy pretending he wasn't going to sing Freedom only to close his second encore with it, literally asking us to beg for the song.

I had a great time and I'm pretty sure all of the women and most of the guys in the audience enjoyed George's patented butt wiggling and hip shaking. He may be 45 (boy am I old), but he still has it. I'll be humming GM songs to myself all day, which may make being at work just a little bit nicer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation...all I ever wanted

So I'm on day three of my week-long vacation and I won't bore you with the tales of working from home on Monday and taking phone calls from work on Tuesday. Let's just say I've only looked at my Blackberry a couple of times today and they seem to be coping with out me. Not thriving, but coping.

Yesterday was my brother's 17th birthday. My sister, her husband and took him to a White Sox/Indian's game. It was a good time. My sister got two guys who were very drunk and obnoxious and threatening to throw up all over the place cut off. And we had a good time listening to the four men sitting behind us talking about pretty much everything but the game. They talked about their wives and their kids, their in-laws and their jobs. I thought White Sox fans were supposed to be true baseball fans - at least that's how they characterize themselves. We might as well have been at Wrigley for all they were paying attention to the game.

Though it was a bit of a boring game until the 10th inning. It was tied up and then the Indian's got a run making it a happy birthday for my brother, who's an Indian's fan. Then, after getting two outs, they were just one out away but someone hit the ball and got on base and then another guy hit the ball and they were able to score. Or something like that. I was too busy talking to the guys behind me about if my shoes matched my outfit to pay much attention.

If you want to see more photos of the game, and witness my pitching prowess, go here.

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