Friday, June 6, 2008

Snot Nose Kids

As you may have heard, some Northwestern graduates don't think Daley is good enough to be speaking at their commencement (Trib article). At the time I thought what a lot of people thought - wow, how stuck up can you be. The funny thing was if any of the kids quoted in the original story had said they disagreed with Daley being the speaker because of the corruption in the Mayor's office, I'd totally agreed with them. But no, they were upset because they were expecting the Dalai Lama. Seriously? Now this morning I hear a news story that some of Harvard's matriculating class are pissed that J.K. Rowling isn't special enough to be wearing the crimson robes (NPR story). One of the quotes from the overly educated brats was something like "she's just a writer of children's books, she hasn't won a Pulitzer or anything."

Good lord, what does one have to do to please these people? Apparently win a Pulitzer or be the Dalai Lama. Sure, I realize they have paid (or their parent's have paid) a lot of money for their big-time degrees. I know that graduating from college is the biggest thing that's happened to them so far. But honestly, it pains my heart to think of the brats we're raising in this country. It makes me want to not have kids and send them to Ivy League (or wanna be Ivy League) schools. I'll have to make a note.

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