Thursday, June 26, 2008

Personal Best

I'm sure you're all excited to know that I completed a 3 mile run in under 29 minutes. 28.33.16 to be exact. This is a personal best for me. I've been running on and off for several years now and after doing a little research, I've found some of my times for races I've done (please note, this is not a complete list cause I know I did the Elvis is Alive race back in 2005 and I know my sister and did a New Year's Day race that I can't seem to find the results for.)
  • Bucktown 5k - 9/21/03 - 34:30 - Pace 11:06
  • Wacky 5k - 3/7/04 - 35:10- Pace 11:19
  • Shamrock Shuffle 8k - 4/3/05 - 56:34 - Pace 11:22
  • Chinatown 5k - 7/16/05 - 31:18 - Pace 10:04
  • Trick-or-Treat Trot 5k - 10/30/05 - 44:49 - Pace 14:25
  • Wacky 5k - 3/4/07 - 34:12 - Pace 11:00
  • Walter Payton 5k - 9/15/07 - 30:27.51 - Pace 9:48
  • Trick-or-Treat Trot 10k - 10/28/07 - 1:04:26 - Pace 10:22
  • Turkey Trot 8k - 11/23/07 - 53:19 - Pace 10:43
  • She's Got Sole 8k - 6/22/05 - 49:19.5 - Pace 9:55
As you'll notice, for the most part I bounce between 10 and 11 minute miles (that Trick-or-Treat Trot in 2005 doesn't count because I was running with a girl from Girls on the Run and she was holding me back). You might also notice that for the She's Got Sole 8k I broke my 10 minute mile time and actually ran at a 9:55 pace. Very exciting for me. So when I got on the treadmill on Tuesday to do my three miles, I stepped it up a bit and finished with a 9:31 pace. I doubt I'll be qualifying for the Olympics, or hell, even placing in my age group that has women finishing 5k in 20 minutes. I might be able to take a couple of minutes off my time, but not 10. Regardless, it makes me happy to be in the sub 10 group. Those people are a bunch of wimps! Not really, it just makes me feel better to be able to beat someone, even if it is the women in the 65 to 70 age group.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation Blues

Next week I'm on vacation. We're not really going anywhere, just taking some time off, me and Mr. H. But I'm excited about that cause I'll get some stuff done. I plan on regaling you each and every day of my vacation with exciting photos of me catching up on my reading, doing the ironing that's been piling up and going to the Taste of Chicago with all the other hordes of people who don't have to work. I might even take a nap or two cause I don't normally get to do that kind of thing (apparently they frown on it at work).

Unfortunately I have the pre-vacation blues. I have things to do at work but all I can think about it how nice it's going to be on Friday afternoon when I bid this place adieu for six whole days (that's right, I'm taking a six day vacation so I don't have to come back to work on a Monday cause that' just sucks). Why is it so hard to chug away at work when you have the prospect of a few days off? What makes it even worse is that I have a few things I totally need to get done before I leave which means if I don't get on the ball I'll be super busy on Friday, which is going to suck even worse than it does now.

OK, that's all I needed. A little self pep talk. I'm better. Back to work!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sonic Scam

Have you seen those commericals for Sonic? You know, the ones with either the husband and wife where the husband's a little less than on the ball or two guys where one guy is kinda dumb and they're always talking about Sonic's shakes and what not? Yeah, you know those commercials. But do you know what a Sonic is?

You see, I'm from Oklahoma originally and so is Sonic. I used to love Sonic and when I go a visiting family in either OK or TX I'll probably end of at a Sonic at least once (this is primarily because there is hardly anything but fast food down there and those people live in their cars - and Sonic's are drive ins, the kind where they put the tray of food on your driver-side window). Anyway, when I started seeing those commercials in Chicago, I figured there was a Sonic or two in the greater Chicagoland area. BUT I just read a story in the Trib that Sonic is going to be opening a store in a couple of burbs later this year. Wait - why are they advertising here if there are no restaurants near by? I checked their web site and the closest Sonic to my zip code is in Lafayette, Indiana which is 115 miles away. They can't possibly be in the same TV market as us.

There have been a couple of times I've thought to myself, wow, that shake looks good, next time I'm out in the burbs I should find a Sonic and get me one. The only reason this hasn't happened is (a) I rarely go to the burbs and (b) it's not really that big of a hankering, more just a passing thought.

So have they been running these commercials just to whet our appetite for the last year? That seems a little extreme? Or does Sonic have so much money to burn they figure, what if someone from 60618 happens to be driving through mid-Illinois and sees one of our signs - they'll know what great shakes, and sorta annoying ads, we have. Well no matter. They'll still be in the burbs and I still won't go that far for a shake and I guess I'll have to get used to the ads as now there will actually be Sonic's in the greater Chicagoland area and I doubt they'll pull their advertising from a market they actually serve...or will they?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Snot Nose Kids

As you may have heard, some Northwestern graduates don't think Daley is good enough to be speaking at their commencement (Trib article). At the time I thought what a lot of people thought - wow, how stuck up can you be. The funny thing was if any of the kids quoted in the original story had said they disagreed with Daley being the speaker because of the corruption in the Mayor's office, I'd totally agreed with them. But no, they were upset because they were expecting the Dalai Lama. Seriously? Now this morning I hear a news story that some of Harvard's matriculating class are pissed that J.K. Rowling isn't special enough to be wearing the crimson robes (NPR story). One of the quotes from the overly educated brats was something like "she's just a writer of children's books, she hasn't won a Pulitzer or anything."

Good lord, what does one have to do to please these people? Apparently win a Pulitzer or be the Dalai Lama. Sure, I realize they have paid (or their parent's have paid) a lot of money for their big-time degrees. I know that graduating from college is the biggest thing that's happened to them so far. But honestly, it pains my heart to think of the brats we're raising in this country. It makes me want to not have kids and send them to Ivy League (or wanna be Ivy League) schools. I'll have to make a note.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jobs for the intern

We have an intern at work. He got the job not because he sooo wants to do corporate communications, or he's looking to break into the exciting world of corporate marketing and events (like everyone his age who doesn't know what he wants to do, he wants to go into advertising). No, he got the job because (a) his mom works here and (b) the woman who was our first pick in the nepotistic resume pile (actually has a marketing degree) was asking us to wait on finalizing her offer for the full-time job interview she had line up later in the month. No such luck honey I said, we'll go with number two.

So we got Agnew (name changed to protect the innocent). He's a nice enough kid, goes to some little liberal arts school on the East Coast. He lets me know when he needs something to do. Problem is, every job I give him he finishes too fast. He needs to learn how to pace himself. I can't keep thinking of stuff to give him. It's interfering with me getting my job done. And I'm not the type of person to ask him to go get coffee for me or something like that. Though maybe I should be. Maybe he can pick up my dry cleaning. Maybe he can get my car washed (though Mr. H. and I just did that - no bother, he can clean it again!). Maybe I can get him to write my blog. I wonder what he'd say. He's probably complain about what a stupid job this is and how he shouldn't have listened to his mother but continued to work in the stock room at Bed Bath and Beyond. There he could at least wear jeans everyday and wouldn't have to sit at a desk staring at a computer screen waiting for someone to give him something to do other than entering crap into a spreadsheet or writing dumb stories about a guy who climbed Mount Everest. Of course, the pay is MUCH better here than his old summer job, so he might not.

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