Thursday, May 15, 2008


Why is it that sometimes people get on the train and then look around at all of the empty seats trying to decide which is the best one to sit in? Tonight on my way home not one but two guys did this. Meanwhile I'm standing behind both of them waiting for them to make up their minds. The first guy couldn't decide if he wanted to face backwards or sit in the hobo corner. He chose the hobo corner. The second guy then had to decide if he wanted to sit facing backwards or in towards the middle of the car. He chose facing backwards presumably so he could stare out the window - which is exactly what he's doing now. Finally I got to sit in the facing inward seat and here we are. I should have sat down next to one of them and then moved to the other after a couple of stops.

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Matt said...

Man, do not disparage the hobo corner. Those are the best seats if you need to do your homework on your laptop on the way into / out of work. Other seats just do not have the room to accommodate lap, laptop and screen at a pleasant viewing angle, at least for the tall, which is terrible but at least better than my equally-tall friend's experience in Japan.

Also, with the hobo seat, nobody can tell what you're watching on your iPod. Most day's it not porn, but, you know, some of those episodes of "Rome" can get a little racy.

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