Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zero Days Accident Free

No, I didn't have an accident - just witnessed.

It all happened as I decided to free myself from the desk for a few minutes and get outside and enjoy the 70 degree weather (and 30 mph winds). So I take a little walk around the block. It helps me clear my head and get back into the game for the next three hours of work (or at least prepares me to sit here and putz around while I wait for five o'clock arrive). Anyway, the building next to my office is under construction. Surprise of all surprises here in the West Loop, they're building condos. I'm walking underneath the for your protection, sidewalk covering scaffolding when out of nowhere (not really but I don't know where it came from so it might as well be nowhere) something comes crashing down into the middle of the street missing a taxi by mere inches. I let out an involuntary "WHOA" and see bits of plastic bouncing up and a larger chunk of something skittering across the street. At first I thought the taxi had hit a large pothole and something fell off the car. The taxi must have thought the same thing because it came to a rather abrupt halt. But as I walk closer, I see that it's a hard hat with a visor. The hard hat made it intact, the visor did not. One of the construction workers picks up the hard hat and comments that it sure is windy. Apparently the hat blew off of one of the upper floors of the building. I was just glad there wasn't a person attached to it, and that I was under that handy-dandy scaffolding.


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