Monday, April 7, 2008

Moving Sale

As you know, Mr. H. and I are in the process of moving. And if there's one thing I hate about moving, it's moving stuff that I don't want. So in the spirit of Spring Cleaning and recycling, here are some things we're looking to get rid of. Feel free to contact me if you want something, but hurry, I've posted on Craig's List!

First up are several gadgets taking up space.

2 iMac remotes - Free
If you have an iMac that has the IR sensor for a remote cause you're just too far away (or too lazy) to turn up your iTunes by hand, AND you've lost your remote, well this one's for you. I can't sell these cause they were given to me. I can't use these because my iMac doesn't have the darn IF sensor.

UPDATE: One has been spoken for already, get the other before it's gone!

iPod Shuffle charger - $5
You should get one for your office cause you don't want to be stuck with no tunes on the way home. I'd keep this if someone at the gym hadn't liberated me from my iPod shuffle and I didn't already have one. I'm thinking of getting another shuffle, but they come with a charger, so I'll still have two. If I decide not to get another shuffle, and you're thinking you need three, one for the office, one for home and one for your mom's house, well, we'll talk.

Brick charger for your 2nd or 3rd gen. iPod - Free
Again, if you have an older iPod and you're looking for a replacement brick with the firewire connection (you know what I'm talking about if you have one) look no further. Somehow I ended up with two (oh, that's right, cause I already went through an iPod before this one) and only need the one charger for the iPod we never use. It's also useful as a weapon, or a paperweight or as art.

Palm Zire with charger and software - $10
Don't have a smart phone? Want to try getting organized in a not new and not fangled way? Then try what used to be all the rage and now is just a passing phase. More fun than an Apple Newton, it's a Palm Zire. Mine is actually blue cause I didn't want to jump on that "everything's white because Apple started making white stuff" bandwagon.

Next up we've got some stuff that's just lying around.

Leather Jacket - $100 obo
Think crotch rocket, not Harley and you'll get the idea. It's black with a white stripe on the sleeve. In it you'll look cool whether you're riding your motorcycle or just peddlin' your bike. Mr. H. bought it and wore it once before his arms grew. I knew he'd never wear it but I just can't say no to his jacket obsession. Sorry, no picture here, Mr. H. won't model for me.

Full Silver Sable & The Wild Pack comic book collection - $50 obo
Sorry dad, but these are just gathering dust. If you want 'em back, let me know and I'll save them for you. Otherwise, pick up this coveted mint condition collection of comic books. Lovingly stored with backboards and plastic sleeves. I'd tell you what's in them to make you want them even more, but I've never read them so I can't.

I'm sure over the coming weeks we'll be looking to get rid of more stuff, so keep coming back. These hot deals won't last long.


Anonymous said...

How much for the little girl? How much for the women?
Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me. Sell me your children.

Melanie Higgins said...

Unfortunatley, Mr. H. and I have no children (female or otherwise) to sell you. However, feel free to contact my sister, I'm sure she'll negotiate something.

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