Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

This year Mr. H. and I experienced the joy of not having loaned the federal government, interest free, any money. Fortunately I like to do my taxes early, so I had warning and was able to plan for the inevitable payment that must be made. Amendments were made to the W2 and next year I am hoping to come out even (I don't mind not getting a refund, just mind having to send money away). To be fair, we got about $60 back from the State of Illinois, so it's not all bad. Of course, Mr. H. and I are always looking for some good deductions but alas we have none. I don't understand why people get a credit for driving a hybrid car but I get NOTHING for riding my bike to work (ok even if occasionally, it's still something). Apparently fish do not count as dependents and buying a new Calvin Klein suit does not count as a "uniform" for work (though it totally should).

May the tax man be kinder to you than he was to us.


Anonymous said...

Join the club. Even I just ammended my W4 today - giving myself a paycut - all just so I don't have to write quite as big a check next year as this.

Oh - and Illinois did not give me ANY money back!

Melanie Higgins said...

Dear Anonymous -
You must LIVE in Illinois to get a refund from Illinois. And, as everyone knows, Anonymous lives in North Dakota.

Anonymous said...

NORTH DAKOTA! I don't think so.

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