Thursday, March 20, 2008


You know that feeling when you're at Starbucks ordering a venti vanilla latte and you go into your wallet to pay for your over-priced caffeine fix and you realize that your ATM card isn't in the handy dandy spot it's supposed to be in, and so you spend the next few anxiety-filled minutes while you hand the cashier a 20 mentally reviewing the last several days to figure out when the last time you used your ATM card finally realizing as your change is handed back to you that you used it on Monday night at the ATM across the street from your office to get money for the cab you were going to have to take (and expense later) home from the "work dinner" you were going to, so barring Mr. H. going into your wallet and taking out your ATM card - and why would he do that since he has his own - you're pretty sure you left it in the ATM on Monday (it's now Thursday) but you looked at your bank account yesterday and didn't notice any weird transactions so you hop on over to the bank across the street from your office and hoping against hope that they have it, walk in to find out that sure enough they found on it Tuesday morning and destroyed it so, whew, you're safe. You know that feeling? No? Just me?

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