Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm out in the burbs at our friends John's parents house. We're in the finished basement with a what looks to be 50 inch flat screen TV. All is good. The chili is cooking, the beer is cold and the Jello shots are chilled. I'll see you back when the game starts, unless something interesting happens before the game start.

Ok Jordan Sparks is singing. I guess winning American Idol gets you something. Theirs Eli and Tom. And now the commercials start. The Prison Break commercial was kinda funny. I don't watch that show, so it doesn't mean that much to me.

Here's the coin toss. I think it's a quarter, oh, no, they make a special coin just for the game. That's silly. The Giants won the toss. We've already started the betting here. Pat and Greg had a bet on what the coin would be. Greg won 5 bucks on the coin toss. Tom C's face looks better now that they've completed the skin grafts.

1st Quarter
The kick off and NY has the ball on the something, I can't tell, the TV's so small. Oh, it looks like they're on the 20, and Eli hands off. How much throwing do we think he's going to be doing this game? Bilicheck (I have no idea how to spell his name) has a red sweatshirt on. But the sleeves are still cut off, so that's good. Henry, the baby, has a red white and blue sleeper on and we've all decided that he's rooting for whomever wins. He's keeping his options open. Outside of the baby, the women are talking about the cool tattoos the players have.

Bud Light commercial - guy setting everything on fire gets a laugh from everyone and a "that's what's going to happen after you eat John's chili"

Audi commercial - weird, all the guys want the cars.

NY just picked up the first down and we see a shot of Payton. He's silently crying into his beer. Manning just got away from the blitz and another first down. We're all rooting for NY (except Henry who's hedged his bets) because really, who wants New England to win? Giants are on the board first with a field goal.

Diet Pepsi Max - mild chuckles

OK - I'm taking a chili break. I may be breathing fire when I get back.

Well, the unstoppable Patriots are on the board now and we've got more movie commercials. Oh Angelina you're so cute.

Oh, it's the big Go Daddy commercial, nothing will ever beat the original commercial. I my official feeling is the Dell commercial sucks. Good lord, the Super Bowl is nothing but commercials really. We like the commercial and really like the Tide talking stain commercial. Now the boys are taking bets on what song Tom Petty will sing during half time. Now Greg's trying to help me blog by pointing out all the famous people and now Manning just threw a crazy pass and some guy (81) made a crazy catch - oh Toomer - "it's not a toomer."

Damn - manning just threw an interception.

We're ready for the Budweiser commercials. Aw the dog's helping the horse make the team for next year. And now we've got yet another movie commercial. Seriously, Robert Downy Jr. is no super hero.

Well, NE didn't score after getting the interception, but then the Giants fumbled the ball.

Now there's a heart running around, ah a Career Builder ad which John says is stupid because you're not supposed to like your job. Now Naomi Campbell is drink life water and dancing to Thriller. A little weird.

Blogging during the Super Bowl isn't as much fun as blogging during a fight. There's a lot more going on during a fight. Oh - pretty boy Brady just got sacked, twice! Wow, there's a chance for the Giants if they keep that up.

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