Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pancake Tuesday

You may not know this, but Mr. H. is from England. Have I mentioned that before? Well, apparently in England they celebrate Pancake Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday just like other people celebrate Mardi Gras (well, with less flashing and beads). Anyway, a few years ago my sister learns of this particular tradition and decided to take it on full force. So for the past few years she's been cooking up pancakes (they're really more like crepes, but you know they English and the French don't get along so lord forbid they use a French word for something) and filling them with delectable goodness such as cheese and chicken and seafood. Yes, they are not your typical crepes/pancakes. To make the night even more special, she invites over her favorite English friends - but since Joseph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe never show up she has to do with Mr. H. and the couple of other British ex-pats she knows living here. She does it all up nice too with hand-made invitations and boxes of goodies for the Brits to take home with them.

This year's festivities were doubly exciting because it was not only Super Tuesday, which allowed us to talk politics with four people who can't even vote in this country, but Mr. H's brother, little Mr. H. (Little Mr H. being a complete misnomer as said brother is taller and bigger than Mr. H. However, he is still younger, so qualifies for the "little" title.) was in town visiting. He's lived in this country since he was about nine so has no English accent to speak of. It's weird, he sounds like an American, looks like an American yet isn't an American. Oh well.

The best part of stuffing yourself on my sister's wonderful pancakes on Tuesday is it makes fasting for forty days not as difficult (not that I'm actually fasting ... I'm just saying, if I were, it would be easier.)

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