Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Working, Cleveland Working

It's Saturday and I'm working. I'm in Cleveland and I'm working. It's Saturday in Cleveland and I'm working.

Mr. H. and I made a trip to Cleveland to visit his family. (We would see my friend Melissa and her baby Wyatt, but she never calls me back.) Anyway, things at work have been kinda hectic and now that our company is headquartered in Paris and Monday is not a holiday for the rest of the world, AND my boss is officially on holiday the second the Packer's start playing tomorrow night (and not back in the office until January 28), I have been tasked with, wait, let me check the list he left me, more than a dozen things to do. Now all of this doesn't have to be done this weekend. Most of it is stuff that has to happen next week. But I thought I'd get a leg up and do some work today. Also, I ran out of room in my work email box and it wasn't going to let me send any more emails unless I deleted some.

So I hauled myself and my computer and my SecureID fob off to Caribou Coffee (actually I would have gone to Starbucks, but Caribou is closer) so I could log on the the Net and get some work done.

When I walked in it was packed. For some reason this is the place all the Eastern European men (maybe Russian, I'm not sure) who live in Lakewood hang out. I'm not sure why, but they always have. Actually, when I used to live here, I don't ever remember seeing large numbers Eastern European men about. But I've been gone for a long time, so maybe there's some Lakewood/Russia exchange program I don't know about. Anyway, all the tables were taken because these guys sit around and drink coffee and play cards and dominoes. It's quite the atmosphere. But I was in luck. See, Mr. H's family is rather large. He has seven or eight siblings (depending on how you count and what kind of mood he's in) and several step bros/sis's. Well, Jenny, one of the step sis's, was sitting here studying and so I was able to snag a table with her. I felt like I was back in college. Except in college I didn't have a cool laptop that I could wirelessly log on to the Net. I don't think there was wireless back then and Lord knows I barely knew what the Net was in college. There definitely weren't blogs and an over abundance of coffee houses to write your blogs from.

It's nice and cozy here (I'm sitting by the ubiquitous Caribou fireplace) and I managed to (a) do a presentation and (b) delete a bunch of email. It says I'm back down to 82% of my capacity. I was trying for 50% but I'll take what I can get.

Now the Russian's are gone and the kids have invaded (high schoolers and younger), so I might head back to the house where the rest of the H's are hanging.

No worries, I've got more work to do tomorrow or at least Monday, so you'll get another thrilling dispatch from Lakewood, Ohio!

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