Friday, January 4, 2008


I've got a lot for this year, so I'll just launch into them:
  1. Stop paying attention to celebrities (already broken this one cause I just couldn't turn my eyes away from the latest Britney fiasco)
  2. Pay bills and balance checkbook promptly to avoid two-hour long fortnightly drudgery
  3. Continue on good exercise and eating program that I began last year
  4. Don't spend money on things I don't need (this includes coffee, meals out and shoes)
  5. Hang out with friends willing to treat for coffee, meals and shoes
  6. Watch less TV, play more video games
Feel free to let me know any of your resolutions.


Anonymous said...


1) Ride 4000 miles on a bicycle (as of Jan 4: 32 down; 3968 to go)

2) eat better + eat out less = save more money

3) send shoes to Chicago

Melanie Higgins said...

Glad shoes are coming my way. I've thought of some more I didn't add before:
1. Send cards for birthdays
2. Ride bike to work more (once it gets warmer)

Anonymous said...

Yes - you DO need to ride your bike to work more. You've been $457.60 cents in the hole on that bike for quite some time now. In fact, if, since the last time you've reported riding that bike to work, you had invested $457.60 into a 12 month ING CD account, you would have earned about $11.00 on that money. I think you need to figure this lost interest amount into your equation if we're not going to be seeing any positive riding results anytime here soon. How cold can it be up there anyway?

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