Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rare Saturday Sighting

I know, I usually don't post on Saturday. But keeping with my resolutions, I was just updating my checkbook, making sure that AT&T gets the money they so desperately need, and I figured I'd check in. Mr. H. and I have so far (a) had coffee (b) played The Godfather on the Wii (well he played, I just commented on how un-nice it was that he was extorting money from people he doesn't know. However, it was fun to watch him make his character cause you can do this whole face thing that lets you change the way your character looks, so his guy pretty much looks like an Italian version of him, which got me to wondering if this is what the FBI uses now instead of artists because it's so much easier, that's bad for the artists I guess. What do you do when you're a profile artist who's replaced by a computer program?) (c) shaved (again, that was Mr. H.) (d) put in a Peapod order for tomorrow and (e) discussed what we are going to do for the rest of the day. So far we've decided to (a) go to Best Buy so we can decide what to spend our gift card from my dad on (thanks Dad - your official Thank You Note is in the mail) (b) drop off some old clothes at the Salvation Army (c) go to Target for some new clothes. That's it. That's our Saturday in a nut shell. We may go out tonight with the sis and her husband, but that hasn't been decided on yet. This is why I don't normally blog on Saturday. See you tomorrow.

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