Monday, December 17, 2007

Hanging with the fam

On Friday, the family and I started our festive holiday season by going to the annual "Welcome Yule" holiday concert. My sister started this tradition several years ago with her husband, and then, when they got tired of each other, started inviting the moms, sisters and brother. Then Mr. H. got roped into it a couple of years ago. And this year, my nephew, who is finally five, and therefor able to sit still for more than six minutes got to attend.

His assessment of the evening was "I think I stayed up to late" but he decided he'd sleep in the next day so no worries. He seemed to enjoy Santa and the Chicago police officer who was ticketing Santa and his sleigh for violating various city codes such as parking on a snow route, farm animals in city limits and causing a public disturbance. Mr. H. and my brother especially liked the wandering carolers and felt that wearing a cape was the way to go. However, they didn't buy Rudolf and couldn't see his motivation.

For my part, I thought last year's performance was better, but this may be because, unlike previous years, we were on the floor (third row) instead of the balcony. It was neat being able to see the dancers up close, but you don't get a really good view of the orchestra when you're on the floor. One of my favorite parts is watching the percussionists race around during Sleigh Ride, which has lots of sound effects - I love it when they make the sound of the snapping whip.

The best part, or one of the supposed best parts, is that they audience gets to sing along to certain carols. Mr. H. doesn't normally sing, however, this year he decided not only sing but do so in his best baritone voice (I think he was trying to impress the cape wearing caroler) much to the amusement of my sister and me (and I'm sure the people behind us). And while I have a lovely singing voice, I was a little shy this year being so close to the other carolers. Next year we'll be back in the balcony and I won't be afraid to belt it out!

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