Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good Night, and Good Luck

Mr. H. and I watched Good Night, and Good Luck last night. I know what you're saying. Your saying "boy, you and Mr. H. sure do watch a lot of movies." It's true. We do. We have a Netflix account and HBO and other cable channels. I really like movies. I like writing about them (this one made me kinda sad but also glad that there are people in the world ready to stand up for the right thing). I probably do spend too much time in front of the television. I'll never watch all the movies I want to. I mean, right now, our Netflix cue has 165 movies on it. Even watching three movies a week, that's a year's worth of movie watching. And that doesn't count the hundreds of new movies that come out each year. Plus, we mainly watch American movies (though we do branch out into the foreign films from time to time). There are just so many movies out there, I could literally just watch them all the time. If someone paid me to watch movies all the time, I would. I'd even take a pay cut because I would save money by (a) not having to commute (b) not buying clothes cause I'd just wear my pj's (c) cancelling my Netflix and HBO or at least claiming them as tax write offs. However, my popcorn bill might go up.

I don't remember the first movie I watched. The first movie experience I do remember is seeing Star Wars at a drive in when I was five or six, which is probably one of the reasons I am such a movie fan. Can you imagine sitting in a car with a huge screen blasting the images of star ships at a six year old? I wish I can remember more about the experience, but all I remember is I was there and pretty much since that day forward I have loved movies. I like going to movies, but I also like just staying at home watching them. I like analyzing how this movie is similar to that writer's or director's other movies. I like picking apart the actors' performances. But most of all, I like just letting go of myself and watching someone else's life. This is probably why I am such a terrible (read do it all the time) eavesdropper. I like learning about other people's lives (even if those people are made up). That's why I'll watch the bad movies, the stupid movies, the sappy movies. They all allow me to get a glimpse of someone else's life.

Tonight Mr. H. and I aren't going to watch a movie but some episodes of Angel. This is another thing NetFlix is great for. Watching TV shows without the commercials. But don't worry. We have plans for Thursday night that do not involve a television set.

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